Champs Volunteer Descriptions

Champs Volunteer Descriptions, Timeline and Map

Friday, June 29, 2018

1.  Meet Set-Up:  9:00 am

Partner with other teams to get the IVC Pool Deck "Meet Ready" for Saturday.

  • Setting up Team Tents
  • Setting up the pool deck, roping off areas
  • Assisting equipment volunteers with their tasks
  • Setting up tables, chairs around the pool dec

The following equipment will be provided by SVSS (Laura or Jen to bring up):  6 Cones, Ladder, 3 10 ft Pop-Up Tents, 1 Garbage Can

2.  SVSS Team Area Set-Up:  

Help set up our team area.  Click here for team location.

The following equipment will be provided by SVSS (Laura or Jen to bring up):  Extra pop-up tent, volunteer and swimmer check in table, SVSS banner, and water jugs

Saturday, June 30, 2018:


1.  Parking Drop-Off Chaperone:  5:30 am meet at "Drop Off" zone in parking lot F

2.  Announcer:  6:50 am meet at Announcer Station in the Bleachers

The announcers will be positioned mid-pool on the BLEACHER SIDE of the pool so they can have the best view of what’s happening in the pool. Announcers will announce swimmers in each heat after the start of the heat.  Do not squeeze in team names and other extraneous information.

Swimmer announcements must be sharp, and brief, to avoid delaying the meet:

“lane 4, John Doe”

“lane 5, Mike Smith”

3.  Head Referee:  6:50 am or 1:20 pm Meet at Announcer Desk Area

With the Meet Director(s), the Referee(s) presides over the meet with Assistant Referees, Stroke & Turn Judges, Announcers, Starters and all Head Coaches.  Officiates the meet and arbitrates disputes.  Experience required.

The Assistant Referee organizes all S&T Judges, Relay Exchange Judges, and Runners, attends Referee’s Meeting and reviews all deck assignments.  Experience required.

Head Referee and Assistant Referee focus on officiating.  Meet Directors will coordinate the operation of the meet, communicating directly with the Announcer, Starter, and officials on the other side of the pool to insure smooth transitions between the deep and shallow ends of the pool.

4.  Starter:  6:50 am Meet at Announcer Desk Area

The Starters attend the Referee meeting. Starters begin each race and call false starts. One starter system will be set up on each end on the bleacher side, positioned 10 yards down so that swimmers and timers in the farthest lanes can see clearly. A second starter system is set up on the blocks side, positioned 10 yards down to keep the starter blast away from the desk volunteers. The extra system on deck provides backup if necessary.

  • Develop your own pattern or style, but try to be consistent over the course of the meet.  Swimmers quickly learn what to expect, and will anticipate the same instruction sequence for the next event
  • Keep commands sharp and even-toned. Leave a break after the “marks” command to allow swimmers time to come down and hold.  Don’t let the “marks” command blur into the actual start signal.
  • Don’t let one swimmer control the start by being too slow to come down and hold.  If necessary, stand the swimmers up (e.g. “swimmers please stand up”).  Give explicit instructions to the swimmer at issue (e.g. “lane #4, please come down on my command” or “lane 5, can you hear me?”)
  • How long to hold?  Just long enough to insure that all swimmers are still.
  • Soft focus, or focus at a distance to see all the lanes at once using peripheral vision.  Don’t focus on individual lanes, or try to scan the lanes.
  • False starts.  This should be quick, otherwise the swimmers may not hear the false start signal.  This will become instinctive to the point that you will be able to react even before the swimmers enter the water.
  • First false start is called on an individual swimmer, and must be announced (e.g. “one false start on lane #7”) and verified with the referee.  Second false start results in D.Q.
  • Backstroke.  Feet must be below the top of the gutter on the start.  You may need to give explicit instructions to the swimmer at issue.




Announce Next Heat

“Next up, Heat #4”

Announce as soon as previous heat touches

Call Heat to Blocks

(into pool for backstroke)

“Heat #4 swimmers please step up on the blocks”


“Heat #4 swimmers in the water”

Call heat to the blocks (or in the water) as soon as possible – even as previous heat is getting out of the pool

This keeps the meet moving, focuses the attention of the swimmers, and gives them sufficient time on the blocks.  Many adjust goggles, caps etc. only after they are on the blocks.

Look for indicator light on scoreboard, or sign from Desk that Colorado is set.

Repeat call

to swimmers and judges

“Heat #4 (50 yd. freestyle)”

“Timers and Judges Ready”

Raised hand indicates that you are starting


“Swimmers take your marks”


5.  Stroke & Turn Judge:  6:50 am or 1:20 pm Meet at Announcer Desk Area

Four judges at each end of the pool (two per side per end) ensure that the rules for each stroke, turn and finish are observed. Signed DQ slips are sent by way of the Runners to the desk. Relay Exchange Judges are positioned next to lanes 1 & 4 and 8 & 5 on the diving block side of the deep end. For eight and under races, Relay Judges are also positioned next to lanes 1 &4 and 8 & 5 on the bleacher side. Two signed dual confirmation forms are necessary for a relay DQ

6.  Head Timer:  1:30 pm Meet Shallow End Timers meet on Ramp outside Pool Entrance, Deep End Timers meet at Shed next to Deep End Computer Desk

Responsible for holding timer meeting before each meet, giving instructions to timers and recorders and get timers in their places to insure a timely start of the meet.

Timers should also be instructed to help coordinate swimmers behind the blocks by calling out heats and swimmers names when the next heat is up.

​7.  Timers:  7:00 am or 1:30 pm Shallow End Timers meet on Ramp outside Pool Entrance, Deep End Timers meet at Shed next to Deep End Computer Desk

8.  8 & Under Line-Up Marshalls:  6:50 am meeting on road behind pool for meeting, 7:15 proceed to area

Once the announcers call for the 8 & unders to line up the fun begins. Relay swimmers will head to the pool for their relay, then will join the line up.  The line is arranged from slowest heat to fastest, (unlike the regular season in which heats are scheduled from fastest to slowest)  so when the relay swimmers arrive, they head to the back of the line.

Shallow side:

The girls typically line up on the shallow side of the pool, up the stairs on the road behind the pool. There is enough room for five lines of girls on one side, and 4 lines of girls on the other side.  The girls line up behind a lane marshal (LM) who is holding a number sign for their lane. All girls should be lined up before the event begins, except the relay swimmers as noted above.  Each lane has 3 LMs for a total of 27 parent volunteers per side.  LM #1 will stay at the road waiting area holding a lane number. LM#2 will walk the first group of girls down to the pool and stay down there to assist the swimmers getting ready to swim. LM #3 will walk small groups of girls down to the pool, and then return up to base camp for more girls as necessary. LM #3 will also hold a number sign.  All LMs should have a list of girls who are in their lanes.

Deep end:  

The boys line up on the deep end of the pool.  Their line-up positions can be seen in the diagram.  The deep end runs the same way as the shallow end, but does not have to fight parental traffic to get to the pool. In the event of an emergency, Paramedics will access the pool from the fire road where the boys are lining up. The Marshalls will need to ensure a clear path for the Paramedics if necessary.

GETTING THE FIRST ROUND OF KIDS DOWN TO THE POOL:   When the time comes to get the swimmers to the pool, each lane sends a group of 4-5 swimmers down at a time. Begin with lane 9, as they have the farthest walk to get to their lane. LM#2 holding the number 9 lane sign will walk toward the pool with the swimmers behind her.  Once they have passed, the LM#2 with the number 8 sign will follow with 4-5 swimmers, then 7 etc.



9.  Computer Desk Team:  6:45 am meet your Desk Team on Shallow End of pool

10. Information Desk PM:  12:00 pm meet at Information Desk outside of pool area