Raffles - every other home meet!



The plan is to hold raffles at home meets!

Moving forward for the season the plan is a raffle every other meet with a rough plan below:

Time Trials – 2 prizes, Prime Parking & Only Deck Space at home meets*hot ticket items*

Meet 1 – Traditional 50/50 – 1 winner *$$*

Meet 3 – High value donated item(s) – Winners dependent on donated item(s) received.

Meet 5 – After meet pie in the coaches face! 3 winners!?


We will need volunteers for this fundraiser!

What volunteering for this would look like:

Walking the meet to see if anyone if interested in buying raffle tickets. Assist with procuring item(s) for Meet 3.


**The deck space is standing only and no tents or chairs are allowed on deck**