Swim Team Fees

2018 Swim Team Fees**

  • One Swimmer: $130

  • 2nd Sibling Swimmer: $80

  • 3rd Sibling Swimmer: $40, and each additional Sibling $40 thereafter

  • Ducklings: $75

Swim Team fees include swimmer registration and insurance with Midlakes Swim League.

Swim Team is only open to children who are members of the Norwood Swim Club and all fees must be paid upon registration. Paid Club/Pool Membership must will be verified for all incoming swim team applications, and Swim Team fees and Club/Pool Membership must be paid prior to participating.Club/ Pool Membership fees are outlined under: "Join Now!" tab, then "Club Membership Info" tab.

Club/Pool Membership and Swim Team Registration can be submitted in one Registration!  To Register for Swim Team and the Club/Pool Membership, Link here:

"Join Now!" tab then "Sign up!" sub tab