Volunteer Reqmts.

Norwood Swim Team Volunteer Requirements

It takes the entire team to run a swim club.

        There are all kinds of opportunities to volunteer and do your share!  There are several areas you can help and lots of voluneer slots offered.  For example, each home swim meet takes over 60 volunteers to run! This means to successfully put on a home meet each week, we ask that every family fill at least one job shift per meet.

        We will be implementing a points system to track volunteering this year.  This system will make it easy to sign up to volunteer online and track how many points you have earned this season! Each family needs to put in at least 21 points of volunteering this season; most jobs are valued at 3 points each shift.  There are many meets/events to volunteer at to reach this goal: the Duck Classic meet, 10 seasonal dual meets, 2 championship meets, and other social gatherings. Your volunteer expectations can easily be reached!

        Online signup information and a “how-to” will be emailed to all swim team families after registration. Our new website and email are the main forms of communication for the swim team so it is vital that you check and read emails thoroughly throughout the season!