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Norwood Swim Club offers both Swim Lessons and Club Memberships.

Swim Lessons are available for both Members and Non-Members. One-week group lessons, appropriate for preschoolers and young children starting June 22nd onward, M-F 11:30a for 30 min, five lessons cost: $50 Members/$75 Non-Members.  Private lessons for all ages are also available: $20 per half-hour with a qualified Lifeguard. Private lessons are available the entire season. Lessons can be booked with the pool manager.

Norwood Swim Club Memberships for 2020

Registration is found on-line using the links below or visit "Join Now" tab, "Sign-up" sub-tab. Payment may be made with a credit card for no extra fees! If you would rather pay by check, register on-line is required and then turn in your check. There is no prorating of memberships. Please note: if you are a returning member you must first select your registration type then while registering it will have you sign-in. You can not sign-in prior to linking into a registration type.

Norwood Swim Club Memberships

Family Memberships Family Membership is extend to minor children of the member(s). Other family members are not included and are subject to guest fees and rules. The Family members have unlimited use of the pool during open swim hours and are eligible for guest privileges and party facility rental for the full season (mid May-early Sep). 

Returning Family Membership $495 + $50 Maintenance fee This Family membership is extended to Returning Family members. Links: 
New Family Membership $595 + $50 Maintenance fee This New Family membership includes a one-time $100 registration fee. Links: 

Junior Memberships (age 13-18) Junior Membership is available for those individuals who are 13 and older by June 15th of the current summer season. This membership is designed for individuals who would like to participate on Swim Team or Water Polo (family volunteer responsibilities do apply to these sports). 1st half Jr Members enrolled on our Swim Team membership will be extended through the date of the team's last meet. Jr Memberships are also available to teens that are not team members.  This membership is for one individual only and includes unlimited use of the pool during open swim hours. These members are not eligible for guest privileges nor party facility rental. This membership is not extended to other members of their family.   

            $200   Full Season Junior Membership (early May-early Sep)

            $125   First Half Season Junior Membership (early May-July 15th-(or though Swim Team)

            $125   Second Half Season Junior Membership (July 15thearly Sep)

Adult Membership (18+) Adult Membership is extended to one individual only who is 18 or older who does not have minor children in the same household.  Family members are NOT included in this Adult Membership and are subject to guest fees and rules. The Adult member has unlimited use of the pool during open swim hours and is eligible for guest privileges and party facility rental for the full season (mid May-early Sep). Please Note: When registering you are the "Account' owner, you also need to add yourself as the member.  If an additional adult in the household would also like to join as an Adult member s/he would need to register separately with his/her own account (& email address).  

     Adult Club Member Registration (no children): $150.00 + $50 Maintenance fee Per Adult

WSC Social Membership This membership is **ONLY for WOODRIDGE SWIM CLUB'S CURRENT 2020 MEMBERS**  When processing this registration Norwood will verify with WSC that an active WSC membership is in good standing before this Social Membership is fully approved and becomes active. This membership has the option for minors to join our Water Polo Team but this membership is not eligible for minors to join our Swim Team. This social membership is limited to 15 memberships total for the season.

         WSC Social Membership $200

Norwood Swim Club is a members-only summer swim club located in Bellevue, WA.

For more information, please visit

Swim Team Members of our swim team must be active members of Norwood Swim Club. The Norwood DUCK Swim Team is available to any minor on a Norwood Club Membership. Norwood Swim team practices most week days during the team season and competes in several meets with other pools in the Midlakes Swim League. This is a 10-week program designed for competitive swimming, mid May to the end of July. Complementary photo Bag-Tag and Tie Dye T-shirt is included with Swim Team membership.
Tentative fees for 2020:

$140.00 Swim Team Annual Fee for one swimmer with either a Family or Jr Membership

$  90.00 additional for 2nd sibling swimmer within same Family Membership

$  50.00 additional for 3rd sibling swimmer, and $50 for each additional sibling thereafter.

$  75.00 for each Duckling; Ducklings is a pre-swim team 4-week program for 5 to 8 year-olds who are not quite ready for Swim team (M-F, 11:00a-11:30a June 22nd-or first day after school is out) through July 17th).

Also, after the Swim Team Season Norwood offers Water Polo to it's members:

$  95.00 Water Polo fee per player.. only available to members (2nd half of season memberships are available for Jr. Members, age 13 by June 15th of the current year for $125.00)

Swim Team Registration combined with Club Membership Registration go to, or Link here: "Join Now!" tab "Sign-up" sub tab