Stroke & Turn

Stroke & Turn

Stoke & Turn Sessions are held between the 8U and the 9/10 yr old workouts: M-F (with a few exceptions). Evening workouts (w/o) are 6:30p-7:00p, Morning workouts 9:45a-10:15a.

2018 Sessions Offered:

       #1: May 14th-25th.. Evenings: $50

       #2: May 29th-Jun 8th.. Evenings: $45  (no w/o 5/28)

       #3: Jun 11th-22nd..Evenings: $40 (no w/o 6/21-meet nor 6/22-pictures) 

       #4: Jun 25th-July 6th..Mornings: $45 (no w/o 7/4) 

       #5: July 9th-20th..Mornings: $50 To sign up for Stroke & Turn click HERE ... or return to the Home Page..(top left green tab) and look halfway down the page where the tabs for Meets and Team Events are, and Stroke & Turn is the 3rd tab.