Club Pool Member Rules

Norwood Community Swim Club  - POOL RULES

1.     All Members shall observe the Rules and Regulations of the Washington State Board of Health as stated below:

a. Any person refusing to obey the following Rules and Regulations are subject to removal from the premise.

b. Running or rough play on the pool deck is prohibited.

c. Persons with communicable diseases will not be allowed in the pool.

d. All persons shall take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.

e. No food or gum shall be allowed in the pool.

f.  No glass containers shall be allowed in the pool or on the pool deck.

g. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed in the pool.

2.     All persons shall register at the pool entrance upon each visit during general hours.

3.     Dunking or rough play in the pool is prohibited.

4.     Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or a qualified swimmer age 16 or older, unless the child has passed the basic swimming test as follows:            

*Swim 25 yards free style or recognized stroke without goggles                                                                         

*Tread water for 30 seconds

*Children under 8 years of age who have passed the swimming test also must receive special approval by the Pool Manager to enter the pool and swim alone. Guards can ask a swimmer to take the basic swim test again.

*All nonswimmers must be accompanied by an adult or a qualified swimmer who is responsible for their safety at all times. Persons in charge of children not able to pass the test would be required to enter the pool for the express purpose of adequately supervising the safety of those children within their charge.

5.     The pool may be closed for health or safety reasons at the discretion of the manager. The manager may also restrict guest privileges in order to prevent overcrowding pool conditions.

6.     The pool entrance must be kept clear at all times.  Bikes are to be specifically kept in racks provided at the southwest location of the pool grounds. No other storage of bikes will be permitted. The owner of the bike is responsible for its security.

7.     The guard shack and office shall be limited to staff personnel only.  All other uses regarding these areas must be approved by the manager.

8.     Please do not socialize with the lifeguards on duty.

9.     Diving is only allowed in the deep end of the pool.

10.   Flotation devices are subject to Guard approval and usually allowed under the following conditions:

*Tubes, mattresses, fun noodles, boats, etc. are only allowed in the deep end of the pool.

*Standing on, diving off, or engaging in rough play with the above items is prohibited.

*Rings, water wings, etc. are allowed in the shallow end of the pool for nonswimmers, but child must be accompanied by an adult or qualified swimmer at all times.

*Flotation devices will be banned if the number of swimmers in the pool exceeds 25.

 11.   Members will be responsible for damage to or breakage caused by their children, their guests, or themselves.

12.   The Club Manager or staff or not responsible for lost articles. Articles found shall be turned in to the staff for lost and found claiming.

13.   Schedule of pool events will be posted on the notice board in a timely manner and the membership shall be responsible for acquainting themselves with same.

14.   Adult members shall be given usage of preference during the hours of 11:00am to 12:00 noon on Sundays for the purpose of lap swimming.

15.   No smoking.

16.   No dogs.

17.   The Pool Management/staff may, at their discretion, evict any person for infraction of the rules from the pool and or pool grounds. At all times, the lifeguard on duty, shall be the senior responsible member of the pool staff during the manager’s absence.

18.   Persons failing to comply with the Club rules are subject to restriction of Club usage. Review by the Club Board may warrant the revoking of membership privileges under the articles of the Club By-Laws.

Guest Rules

1.     All guests must be accompanied by an Adult Norwood Swim Club Member at all times. 

2.     A guest is defined as an individual over the age of one.

3.     All guest will pay the $3.00 guest fee upon entering the gate, regardless of if they will be swimming.

4.     An individual may only be a guest a maximum of five (5) times, regardless if invited/sponsored by different members on different occasions.

5.     Grandchildren of a member may use the pool providing the member accompanies the grandchildren. A member holding an adult membership must pay guest fees for their grandchildren. (Article II, Section 1 & @, Norwood Swim Club By- Laws).

6.     If a member plans to have more than 6 guests in one visit they   must apply for a group; private party reservation at least one week prior.  Members must be at the pool the entire time with their guests and are responsible for all actions of their guests (additional rules and fees apply; an application is available on the website or at the pool). 

7.     Groups, which may include some nonmembers of the Norwood Swim Club, must  make arrangements with the Pool Manager at least one week in advance (e.g. birthday parties, etc.) and are subject to guest fees, regardless of if they will be swimming. Groups are responsible for cleaning up.

8.     Abuse of the guest privileges may result in restriction of pool use of the guest(s).

Exceptions (no charge):

1.     Temporary pool privileges may be granted to extended~stay guests (duration: One week stay or longer) of the member upon advance written application (at least 1 week prior), to the Pool Manager by the adult member of a Family Membership. Extended~ stay guests must be accompanied by the adult member during pool visits.

2.     Those with Family Memberships may submit written application to the Membership Chair for a Nonmember guardian or babysitter; with a maximum of two approved individuals.  They do not have guest privileges and they can only attend the pool when accompaning the children of the family membership.