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$75.00 for each participant.




The Overlake Otters Water Polo Team provides an opportunity for our members to participate in a fun, competitive, and educational water polo program.  Over the course of the season, participants will develop a better understanding of the rules of the sport, increase their knowledge of and familiarity with general skills and strategies, and build their comfort and confidence in competitive situations.


Members of the water polo team will practice with and compete alongside members of Norwood Swim Club and Triangle Pool as a combined team.  Games occur against various opponents in the Midlakes Water Polo League and may involve travel.  Participants should also plan to attend the Championship Tournament at the end of the season.




Practices are three days a week for one hour and will be divided by age group.  Players will practice in groups according to age: ages 10 and younger will practice together, followed by 12 and younger, and then players 13 and older.


Games take place on Thursday-Sunday and are, again, divided by age group.  12&U play on Thursdays, 10&U on Fridays, 14&U on Saturdays, and 15&O on Sundays.  The season culminates in a round-robin league-wide tournament.



Additional Details & Offerings

Spring & Summer Clinics

These clinics will afford an opportunity for the membership to get back into the swing of water polo or, for those new to the sport, provide a low-key introduction. Price will be $5.00 per participant per clinic. No registration necessary.


Summer Preseason

A great way for new and returning members of the water polo program to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game, receive preliminary instruction in skills and tactics, and get the season started on the right foot. This full week of practices serves as a way to extend the water polo season a bit longer. This offering will be complimentary for those members who attended at least 2 clinics during the Spring (otherwise $10.00 for the week). No registration necessary.