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The Overlake Otters Swim Team Program provides an opportunity to engage in a fun, enjoyable, and
competitive swimming experience. The goal of the Otters Swim Team program is to help each swimmer reach his or her maximum potential through an emphasis on training, some hard work, teamwork, and fun. Swimmers will complete each season with a sense of personal accomplishment, a deeper knowledge of the sport, an appreciation for the value of sportsmanship and teamwork, as well as an excitement for, and continued desire to participate in, competitive swimming.

As a competitive swim team, participants must compete in at least two dual meets over the course of the season as well as at least one of the championship meets. Meets occur against various opponents in the Midlakes Swim League and may involve travel. We strongly encourage our Otters Swim Team members to attend all of the away meets if possible. Traveling to competition together helps build unbreakable bonds of friendship, unity and teamwork and is an important part of developing "portable” skills.

Registration will be available beginning March 7th through the TeamUnify website. The fee is $175.00 per swimmer and includes a cool tee shirt!