Text Messages

How do I receive team text and/or email messages?

We communicate through text or email messages. To set up text and/or email communications follow these steps:

  1. To Set up SMS (to receive text messages from MDST)
  2. Logon to www.mantecadolphins.com
  3. Click on My Account (left side of screen)
  4. Click on My Account sub-tab
  5. Under Account Contact information
  6. Input cell phone number that can receive text messages under SMS
  7. Choose your carrier
  8. Once inputted you will see that it says unverified in gray
  9. Then click SAVE your account
  10. You will then receive a text message with a verification code
  11. Once received input verification code in the account
  12. Click on verify
  13. The area that was gray will now turn green.
  14. You'll do the same process for email.