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About Northgate Aquatics Club

NGAC, Northgate Aquatics Club, is a competitive swim club open to students in elementary through high school in both Northgate and Avonworth School Districts. Registered as a USA Swimming Club, we provide developmental stroke training, opportunities for competition, pre-season training for the Northgate/Avonworth Middle School Swim Teams, and additional conditioning and competitive opportunities for the Northgate/Avonworth Varsity Swimmers. We charge an affordable rate for those living in the Northgate and Avonworth communities.  









Competitive Swimming

NGAC belongs to a local league called the Western Central PA Swim League (WCPSL). This includes about a dozen other local swim teams. Meets are usually twice a month driving up to an end of the season championship meet. To be eligible for Champs, your swimmer must swim at least four (4) WCPCL meets during the season (2 home and 2 away meets). 

USA Swimming (USS) is the national governing body for competitive swimming. USA Swimming is responsible for the conduct and administration of swimming by formulating the rules, implementing the policies and procedures, conducting the national championships, and selecting athletes to represent the United States in international competition.

$74 of your Northgate Aquatics Club dues are applied to USA Swimming registration fees.

Membership in USA Swimming allows our team members to compete in a wide range of competitive activities - even in the Olympics! Because your athlete is a member of USA Swimming, s/he his eligible to compete at the USA Swimming meets held by Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) clubs. These meets are organized by time standards so that swimmers of similar ability swim against each other. Because so many swimmers compete at these meets, it can take a whole weekend to run just one meet! Fortunately, you can predict when your swimmer's events will be held so you will not need to spend the entire weekend at the meet.

Coaching Staff

One factor that really differentiates NGAC vs. other clubs is the engagement of our coaches during the training and swim meets.  We do not have a "sit and watch" coaching staff.  Our coaches are extremely hands-on and focused, generally seen cheering along the pool deck during competition.  

Click on the names of our coaches below to learn more about our awesome coaching staff or click HERE to get the scoop on them all.

Laurel McMahon (Head Coach) Our Head Coach, Laurel, has been with the Stingrays for nearly 10 years and has seen our team grow from less than 30 kids to over 100 competitive swimmers.  Coach ...

Sean Halpate (Coach) Coach Sean is our most colorful and vocal coach, occasionally seen at our major meets with his hair died "NGAC red" to show his support for the swimmers.  He typically ...

Tim Bateman (Coach) Coach Tim has been part of the NGAC Stingrays for many years.  Tim typically works with a range of swimmers in age and skillset, from the newest to the most ...

Northgate Aquatics Club Board

Beth Schuster
Vice President
Sydney Hardiman
Anne Blaser
 Meet Director
Marianne Hapeman
Parent Representative (10U)
Alex Miller
 Parent Representative (11+)
Sara Baldauff

      Volunteer Coordinator                          Rich Spahr

 Concessions Coordinator
Julie Navilliat

            Safety Coordinator                              Laurel McMahon