2022 List of Officials




NAHSSL Officials Requirements (click HERE)


The NAHSSL relies on parents to assist with running the swim meets. This includes stroke and turn judges, the starter, and referee.  Please consider volunteering to become a meet official! It's easy to do and is critical to your team.


Your NAHSSL Officials Coordinator is David Hudson.   He can be reached at


[email protected]


Certification and Recertification tests for all officials are administered by an online test service.  If you missed out on USA-S or RCSL certification this year, you can become a NAHSSL official Stroke and Turn Judge, or Referee/Starter through the following steps ~ do need to take and complete on line test before moving to the next:


  1)   (Required) Take and pass the USA Officiating Swimming DVD online test.  Access it HERE. (note can view DVD videos online at YouTube HERE, need to confirm completion to Officials Coordinator).

 2) (Required) Take and pass (85%) the Written Official online test. (have 3 attempts to complete.)  

Access the Stroke and Turn test HERE.

                                   Access the Referee/Starter test HERE. (note must have minimum on 1 year experience as a Stroke and Turn to certify as a Referee/Starter)

3)  *DESIRED*  Apprentice at least 1 high school meet with an experienced official. (Highly recommended if did not officiate in more than 2 meets of prior year.)

4)  Renewing Officials simply perform again as defined above.

If not already USA Swimming or RCSL certified, attend deck training.  Contact David Hudson for details


IMPORTANT:  Once these steps have been accomplished, you or your high school team's representative should contact David Hudson by email to confirm your official candidates have been rostered as an NAHSSL Official.





The test is "open-book" based on the 2015 USA Swimming rule book.  Access to printed NFHS rule can be obtained at or on line access at for a small fee. (It is recommended that high school organization consider purchase copies of rule book or on line accounts to have access to swimming and diving rule.)  Differences for the National Federation of High Schools are summarized in various files at

Retakes of the on line tests are common, you have 3 attempts to complete test; You will be given your results back from each test attempt to support you in subsequent attempts.  Feedback is also provided to help you understand the concepts an official should consider in practice.

The video test is approximately 45 minutes, is thorough, interesting and very helpful to newcomers to officiating; it's also a great refresher for coaches or experienced officials.

If you already have experience and certification for USA, RCSL, or ARPA Stroke and Turn Judge, you can become a NAHSSL Referee/Starter using the above directions, any.  Make sure you select and take the Referee Starter test. 

The NAHSSL 2015 Rules of Competition may also be used as reference material for the tests.

AHSAA: interesting reference material is attached and may be ‘good to know’.