When do children practice, and can I choose my child's practice times?

The practice times for each age group can be found under the Practice Info tab above. These practice times are set by the coaching staff and swimmers are required to practice during the time set for them. 


Does a swimmer need to attend every practice?

No swimmer can progress without regular practice, so we strongly encourage swimmers to attend practice every day.  However, daily practice is not “required.”  We understand that there are other activities families need to attend to in the summer.  The general expectation, however, is that if you are in town, available, and not ill, your swimmer should be at practice.


Will practices be canceled for bad weather?

Practices are rarely canceled.  Practices will only be canceled for lightning, thunder, or heavy rain.  Practices will not be canceled due to light rain or cold temperatures. However, if the temperature is less than 65 degrees, specific age groups (typically the younger swimmers) may choose to have a dry practice.  Typically, we will do team bonding type activities. If the temperature is around 65 degrees, have your swimmers prepared for both wet and dry practices.


How many meets are there, and do we need to attend every meet?

The CCCC Rebels are generally scheduled to compete in 9-12 regular-season meets.  Meets are held on Tuesday/Thursday nights and on Saturday mornings.


In addition, there are four invitational:

  • Saybrook Boys’ Invite (7&Older only, Boys only)

  • Huntington Estates Girls Invitational (7&Older only, Girls only)

  • Rebel Relays Invite (8&U and 9-10 age groups only, both Girls and Boys)

  • High School Invitational (Graduated, current, or incoming high school students, both Girls and Boys)


Championship Meets:

  • Classic Meet

  • City Meet  Swimmers must make qualifying times in order to be eligible for the City meet. See Meet Info tab for info on City qualifying times.


How do I sign my swimmer up for a meet?

Sign into the CC Rebels website, and scroll down to the Swim Meets section on the homepage. For each meet, submit your commitment, whether you plan to attend or not.  When entering your commitment, please click the “Edit Commitment” to commit or decline your swimmer(s).


All swimmers are automatically committed to meets. Parents must DECLINE one week prior to the meet.  To help with planning, we would appreciate 100% response from all families regarding each meet.  If there is ever a change to your swimmer(s) schedule after you have entered your commitment, please email [email protected].

How do I know what events my swimmer will be in?

One-two days prior to the meet, events will be posted on clipboards at the pool during practices.  Please ask that your swimmer to check these.  We would like to swimmers to take ownership of the events that they will be competing in.  Additionally, parents can view entries and manage their swimmer's performance on the mobile app OnDeck.  See “Swimming Tech!” page under General Info.


Swimmers are limited to three individual events and two relays in a regular-season meet, so they won't swim every event every meet. But throughout the season, every effort will be made to see that each swimmer has chances to swim each event.  CC Rebels strives not to place swimmers in events for which they will be Disqualified (DQ). This means that they are unable to swim the stroke in the proper, legal way.


PLEASE NOTE:  Events can be changed at the last minute (particularly relays) if the coaches learn at the last minute that a swimmer will not be attending the meet.  Be sure to double-check your events when you arrive at the meet.


If you have additional questions, please email [email protected]