Announcer: Runs the PA system. He/She keeps everyone informed as to which event is being run and the current team scores.

City Meet: Championship meet of the Park District Swim Conference

DQ: Time and score do not count- the swimmer has been judged as not performing the stroke, turn or finish correctly.

Dual Meet: Swimming one team against the other team.


Exhibition: Swimming for official times but not for scoring and usually not for ribbons. Awarding ribbons in an exhibition meet is up to the home team.

Free Relay: 4 swimmers, each swimming one leg of freestyle

Heat: Each group of swimmers starting together, one per lane

Individual Medley: 4 strokes by one swimmer; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

Medley Relay:     4 swimmers swimming 1)backstroke, 2)breaststroke, 3) butterfly, 4)freestyle

Record Keeper:    Individual in charge of recording team record times

Referee: Official in charge of rules and smooth running of the meet.

Relay: 4 swimmers, each swimming 1 leg (part)

Runner: Individual who collects and delivers time cards, place judge cards, and disqualifications cards to the scoring table after each event

Scorer:    Individual recording times and scores of swimmers

Seed Time: A swimmer’s best official time in an event used to placed him/her in order for city meets, etc

Starter:    Official that begins each event

Stroke Judge: Official at the side of the pool, who monitors the stroke of the swimmers

Classic Meet: A meet for all swimmers who do not qualify for city meet

Timer:    Individual using digital stopwatches to record swimmer’s times during meets

Turn Judge: Official in charge of monitoring proper turns and touches by swimmers on the far end of the pool