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Practice Schedule

Outdoor Practices begin on Monday, June 4, 2018 (or the first weekday after Dist 204 school ends in the event of snowdays)

*Monday through Friday schedule:                                                                        

*Time slots may be adjusted to best benefit swimmers in all age groups, and maximize our coaches ability to interact with the swimmers.        

Age Group                        Time Slot

 11 and up                       8:00 AM—9:15 AM

 9 and 10                         9:15 AM—10:15 AM

 7 and 8                         10:15 AM—11:00 AM

 6 and under                  10:15 AM—11:00 AM

General Practice Guidelines

Swimmers should arrive  approx 10 minutes prior to practice time.  If worn, swim cap and goggles should be on prior to entering the pool area.  Swimmers will wait just outside the gate to the pool deck, a coach will bring them in when practice begins.

Please exit the pool promptly when your practice is over, so not to delay the next group's practice.

Practices are held rain or shine. Practice in the pool will be canceled if there is a thunderstorm in the area, or if the air temperature is below 60 degrees F. Coaches may still have swimmers come to the pool wearing tennis shoes and warm clothing, so that dry land training activities can be done outside of the water.  An email and text message will be sent if practice is canceled.  

No parents, caretakers, siblings, etc are allowed on deck during practice. You are welcome to watch practice from the tables directly outside the pool deck gate.  Thank you!

Questions?  please email us at