Parent Worker Sign Up Info

Worker Sign Up Instructions

  1. Log into the Otters Website (

  2. Click the Events Tab

  3. Click on Job Sign Up for each specific meet

Step 4: Under each Job sign up menu you will see categories for:

Step 5: click on the box of one of the job assignments you would like to work

Step 6: click on the sign up button. A box will pop up asking for the name of the worker. Enter name and click sign up. You name will appear on the list next to the job.

Continue until you have signed up for 4 worker assignments. 

Step 7: return to events page. Click on REPORTS tab atop the page. Click on the JOB SIGN UP REPORT FOR MY ACCOUNT. You should see listed 4 total worker assignments. Print for your records.    ·


Each family must sign up for 4 dual Meets as a specific job, 1 meet as an alternate and 1 championship meet 


You may only sign up for ONE worker job assignment per Dual Meet

You may hire a responsible teen to work one or all of your jobs for you. Enter their name in the job sign up. You will still receive the emailed reminder two days before the event. Please note, workers must be at least 16 years of age.


Worker Assignments

Announcer (1 at home)- The announcer is in charge of introductions to start the meet. They also announce the event and the heat immediately at the end of the race.

Bullpen (4 home and away)- Help line swimmers up by heat and lane number. For home meets, movement along the benches to behind starting blocks. For away meets, there will be a designated bullpen area. Bullpen workers should not have to look for swimmers outside the team area. Bullpen workers will receive heat sheets (event heat and lane assignments) from the computer worker before the beginning of the meet. Start lining up the first events approx. 20 minutes before the start of the meet unless the swimmers are still warming up. Reminder: 8 & Under relays start 2 swimmers at each end of the pool.

Computer (2 at home)-Before the meet- Enter the lineup, print out copies of the heat sheet for coaches. and bullpen. Officials and the announcer should receive a heat sheet for home meets. Also, print out timer sheets for home meets. At the meet- Enter the times of the swimmers into the computer and print out ribbon labels. Also, the meet should be scored and passed on to the announcer about every 20 events. After the meet- Print 2 copies of the results including the score. Print out 2 copies of a best times spreadsheet.

Hospitality (2 at home)- Lemonade or water and candy should be provided to coaches and workers throughout the meet. It is recommended to walk around at least every 20 events (Approximately 3-4 times for the meet).

Marshals (4 at home, 2 away) - Safety is your concern. 2 marshal's should be in charge of walking through the locker room once every 5 minutes. They should also check the hallway. Swimmers should not be in the locker room or hallway hanging out during the meet. One marshal is in charge of making sure nobody enters the instructional pool. Any problems should be reported to the coach immediately. No parents should be on the deck unless they are working the meet.

Official (3-4 at home and away)- Head Official has a meeting and places people in proper positions. There should be a minimum of one starter, 2 stroke judges, and 2 turn judges. It would be helpful to also have a referee.

Runner (2 at home and away)- A runner is in charge of working with the officials. They should pick up the timer sheets and DQ cards after each event and give them to the computer people.

Scorer (2 at home and away)- The scorer is to work with the computer people. Circle the middle time of the 3 times for each swimmer, give timer sheets to computer people.

Timers (15 at home, 12 away)- Head timer has a meeting with all timers. There should be 3 timers per lane, one timer will also write down the times after each swim. Verify each swimmer by name from the timer sheet. After each race record times from all 3 timers (times are recorded to the hundredth i.e. 27.32) all three should be written down. There should also be a backup timer that can assist someone that may forget to start his or her watch. Timers should look for the strobe light at the start. Timers should also help assist swimmers to the block to help keep the meet moving. When the race is complete, they tell the swimmer their time.

Awards/Ribbons (1 at home and away) The Ribbons parent will work the morning after a swim meet at 8am to put labels on ribbons and distribute in the swimmer mailboxes. If meet takes place on Saturday, parent will work the Monday after the meet.