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NorCal Swim League

Each swimmer registered with the Arden Park Dolphins must ALSO register with the Northern California Swim League.  The information below has been provided by the Northern California Swim League to assist with league registration.

Welcome to the Northern California Swim League Registration Information for the 2018 Swim Season

The Northern California Swim league was founded in 1993 with 11 original teams. In that founding year, the league had 1,711 registered swimmers. The Northern California swim league has grown to 26 teams and has over 5,000 swimmers. To accommodate dual meets and maintain a competitive nature within the league, teams are arranged into five different conferences. 


We are looking for parent volunteers who would like to get involved with the league administration. We have various position available for the 2018 season and would love to hear from you. Please send us an email and we will talk how your skills will best fit into our organization.



League Registration:
All League registrations are subject to approval by the team you are registering for. Your account will NOT be active before the season starts. You can still register with your known login and we will activate your account after we verified with your team that you are registered with that team.

Once your swimmer has been accepted by the Arden Park Dolphins swim team (please verify with if you are unsure) you will need to follow this simple process of registering with our swim league.

Step 1:
Go to and enter the registration by clicking 2018 NCSL LEAGUE REGISTRATION ENTER here. (Do not log in first) in the center of the NCSL home page.  DO NOT start by logging in.  This will take to you another page.  Click the green "Continue" button to proceed.  NOTE: If you use the NCSL link from our website, it will take you directly to this page.  Click "Continue".

Step 2:
Returning Swimmer: Login with your login name and password from the 2017 season. This is not necessarily the same login/password that you use for your swim team's webpage. Click "Forgot password" if you can't remember your password and follow the emailed instructions to reset your password.  You may need to click "Start Registration" again to begin the process.

New Swimmer to NCSL: Choose “Create New Account” and enter the email address you would like to use to receive the registration confirmation and other league related communication.

Step 3:
Returning Swimmer: Enter your Billing Information

New Swimmer: Choose a password and then enter the Billing Information.

  • Enter the name and address of the parent/guardian here.
  • Enter the billing information for the 2018 NCSL fee of $15. 
  • There is no need to fill out “Guardian” or “Insurance/Emergency Contact”. 
  • This account is separate from the account that you might have already created on a similar page with your team.

Step 4:

Enter your swimmer(s).

  • Pay close attention to the birth date! 
  • Please carefully select the team your swimmer has been accepted to from the group menu.
  • Next it will send you to a screen that will let you enter additional swimmers on your account. 
  • Location will be “unassigned” until we verify your team’s registration.

Step 5:
Once all your swimmers are added continue to “Checkout Using Secure Server”.

Step 6:
Answer the questions in our waiver form. There will be only one waiver per account. In the case that your answers differ for each of your swimmer please contact the League registrar Monica Lopez first before proceeding.

Step 7:
Submit the Registration 


  • No refunds of the $15 league fee.  
  • Do not register with the league if you have not received a confirmation from one of our participating league teams that your swimmer has been accepted into their program.
  • We do not refund the $15 NCSL fee if you register with the league but are not accepted by any of our participating teams. 
  • Swimmers who are not registered with our league shall not participate in any dual meet or championship event.  
  • Please address all team specific questions with your local team. 
  • For all league specific questions please contact the league at

Please feel free to contact us if you have any league specific questions that your team may not be able to answer.