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Job Sign Ups

Our swim team runs because of you, our wonderful parent volunteers! Each family is required to sign up for four or five specific jobs for meets during the regular season depending on how many jobs there are to fill for that particular season.  In addition, all families participating in Championships (July 28th and 29th) will be required to sign up for jobs that weekend as well. Please look at the meet schedule on our website and consult your calendars.  Job sign-ups will be conducted on-line on the Team Unify website.  The jobs sign-up dates and the final number of required jobs each family will need to sign up for for the season will be determined at a later date and an email will be sent out detailing everything a few weeks prior to the sign-up date.

$200 Deposit

Each year we strive to make sure that every family does their fair share. Yet inevitably, a few people simply do not show up for their assigned meet jobs, resulting in more work for their fellow parents. All families are required to submit a separate check at registration for $200 as a job deposit. This check will not be deposited unless the four or five job requirement is not met by the end of the regular season.

Trading Jobs

You may trade jobs with other parents, but it is your responsibility to ensure that your job is covered. You must also inform the Job Coordinator of the trade.

Job Descriptions



The home team is responsible for providing the meet announcer. The announcer’s job is to announce each event by event number and description, and to inform swimmers when to report to the ready bench and/or the pool.

Colorado Timing Equipment Back-up  The Colorado Timing Equipment Back-up will work closely with the Colorado Timing Equipment Operator as an "apprentice" learning how the system works.  It is the hope of the Board of Directors that two people who work this job may want to take on the position of operator full time in 2019.  If you are interested in doing that, please contact one of our Board members.     

Head Timer & Lane Timers

The home team provides the head timer who is responsible for organizing lane timers at each home meet. The home team and visiting team must each provide 9 lane timers in a 6 lane pool. The head timer distributes all timing equipment, assures all equipment is operating properly, and assigns all timers to individual lanes prior to the start of the meet.  The Head Timer position is normally a pre-filled position by the Board.  Lane Timers are assigned to a lane for their shift by the Head Timer where they will operate the wireless Dolphin system stopwatches and/or regular electronic stopwatch.  



At home meets, the hospitality workers provide refreshments to timers, coaches, scorers, ribbon writers, stroke and turn judges, and announcers.


Lane Writer

One of the Lane Timers in each lane will also double as a Lane Writer where they will record the swimmers’ times onto the official lane cards as determined by the lane timer who operates the electronic stopwatch.


Meet Referee

The Meet Referee acts as decision maker in disputes over placing, disqualification or other problems that may arise.  This is a board filled position.  If you are interested in doing this position, please contact one of our Board members.


Ready Bench Coordinator

Responsible for organizing swimmers in the ready bench area. A list of events, swimmers, heat numbers and lane assignments is given to the ready bench coordinator at the beginning of each meet. Each team is responsible for organizing its swimmers correctly by event and lane. The ready bench workers for both teams assure that each swimmer goes to the correct lane at the time of his/her event.


Ribbon Writer

Each team is responsible for providing at least one ribbon writer. After ribbon labels have been printed by the computer, the ribbon writers place the labels on the ribbons and then store the ribbons in a separate box for each team at the time of his/her event.


Data Entry/ Runner

The home team provides runners who carry completed event cards from the lane timers to the scorers, and who also provide blank event cards to the lane timers.



Set-up volunteers are responsible for setting up equipment, tables, and chairs for home meets. These jobs are typically pre-filled by the Board to make sure everything is set-up and in place well before the start of our home meets so that our meets start on time.


Computer Operator

Operates the computer scoring system and software at each home meet.  Also, updates the meets results as the met progresses and posts results on the team website.  This is Board filled position.  If you're interested in this job, please contact one of our Board members.



The home team is responsible for providing the starter. This person must have participated in a starting clinic put on by the league.  This position is normally pre-filled by the Board.  If you're interested in this position, please contact one of our Board Members.


Stroke and Turn Judge

Three stroke and turn judges are required at each home meet and usually two at each away meet. The stroke and turn judges must have participated in a stroke and turn clinic, or have previous experience.  Attendance at the clinic counts as one of your required jobs for the season.


Team Parent

Team parents monitor swimmers in the team areas, give them their events (usually by writing them on the swimmer’s hand), assist swimmers in getting ready for events, and bring them to the ready bench as their events are called by the announcer. Team parents are assigned to girls and boys in the 6 and under, 7-8 and 9-10 age groups.  There is a Team Parent meeting prior to the first meet each season to explain responsibilites in greater detail.


AP Dolphins Volunteer Jobs Sign Ups 2018

Friday, April 21st – 7:00AM to 8:00PM: 

For families with ONLY 6U swimmers (family has no older swimmers),

Saturday, April 22nd – 7:00AM: 

For ALL families.

Hello AP Dolphin Families,

Jobs sign up will begin this Friday, April 21st at 7AM for 6U ONLY families (families with only 6U swimmers).

Sign up will then continue this Saturday, April 22nd at 7AM for everyone else. This year each family is asked to complete 5 volunteer jobs.

Our meets run smoothly and on time because of the dedication of our parent volunteers.  If for some reason you cannot make your scheduled job, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement to cover your shift.  If you do make a change, please keep me in the loop by reporting that change to me prior to the event day.  If you have any questions about job sign ups, feel welcome to contact me at

A Few Important Points Before You Sign Up:

  • Prior to sign up, please be sure to take a minute to log on to the Team Unify website, click on the “Team Events” tab at the upper right side of the page, then click on the “Job Signup” button below each event to see what jobs will be available once sign ups begin.
  • Please remember that in order to be eligible to sign up for a job, you must have your Team Unify account active.  For your account to be active, you must submit all required documents and payments to the Team Registrar, Ya-yin Isle.
  • Once your account is active, be sure to do a “trial” login to our Team Unify website well in advance of job sign up to confirm that your e-mail address and password allows you access to the site.  If your account is not active and you don’t know why, please contact our Team Registrar Ya-yin at

How To Sign Up Online For Jobs:

To sign up for your jobs please click on the link below and follow the steps outlined. Jobs are first come, first serve so everyone will have the opportunity to sign up for the jobs they want.

1) Please sign-in to Team Unify. You will need your email address and password.

2) Click on the "Team Events" tab at the top right of the page.

3) Click on the "Job Signup" button under the meet or event you wish to sign up for.

4) Then follow these Steps:

Step 1: Find the empty slots shown as "---------".

Step 2: Click on the box in front of the empty slot that you want to sign up for.

Step 3: Select [Signup] button to sign up for the slot(s) that you selected.

If your Account name is printed right after the checkbox, you've signed up for that job. You can use the "Remove Signup" button if you no longer want that job. If someone else's name is printed, that job taken. You can only sign up for the empty slots shown as "---------".

Repeat this process until you have signed up for your required jobs for the season.

Thank you for volunteering!

Jennifer Laing

Jobs Coordinator, AP Dolphins