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*NEW* Changes to Registration 2020

*NEW* Registration Changes for the 2020 Season


New this season to swimmer registration: credit card only payments!

In an effort to streamline our registration process, credit cards will be the only form of payment accepted for swimmer registration and volunteer fees. Electronic payments save time, are more convenient, and remove risks associated with delivering funds to an individual’s home mailbox.  No more writing and delivering checks!


What about the volunteer deposit?

During registration, families will be required to input an active credit card in their family’s Team Unify account.  At the end of the season, all required volunteer shifts are reported and reviewed. If your family’s required shifts were not completed, or you were a no-show to your shifts, your family account will be charged $300.  This fee will be processed through the Arden Park Dolphins Team Unify payment processor.

Our swim team runs smoothly because of our dedicated parent volunteers and the AP Dolphins enjoy a special amount of support from our families.  Each year, we work hard to ensure that every family does their fair share, but inevitably some families do not sign up for the required volunteer shifts or do not show up for their chosen jobs at meets.  This results in more work and hassle for fellow parents. To encourage the most participation from all our families, and to become better aligned with other teams in the area, the AP Dolphins Board of Directors has raised the volunteer fee to $300.  This amount is not intended to replace volunteer requirements. It takes well over 500 volunteers for our team to support a successful swim season. We really do need everyone’s help!


How will all this work?

As in the past, we will conduct registration online at  Families will begin registration by clicking on the “Start Registration” button.  This will bring you to the registration title page. From here, families will follow the prompts to continue registering their swimmers.  During this process, you will have the opportunity to update any required information including address changes, add sibling swimmers (if applicable), and update your credit card and payment information.  Upon checkout, the only payment option that will be available will be credit card payments. Please note, you will not be charged a volunteer deposit or fee at this time.  Volunteer fees will only be charged at the end of the season if your family volunteer requirements have not been met.


It is our hope that these changes will make the registration process more convenient for all our families.  If your family requires an alternate payment method, please contact Registrar Jennifer Laing at for help.