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Meet info

All swimmers are required to be checked in by parents at swim meets before the beginning of each meet.  Coaches will provide the correct time of arrival.  Check-in time is one hour before the start time of a meet, unless otherwise stated by the coach.  Scratches will be made 30 minutes before the start time of each meet.  Once a swimmer is scratched from their events, they will not be allowed to swim in that meet.  Meet start times may vary.

All parents NEED TO CHECK IN to work at the swim meets.  Without parent participation, the meets CANNOT be held.  Please volunteer as much as you can.  Parents are asked to check in 45 minutes before meet start time with the volunteer coordinator. 



Swim meets are held on Saturday mornings and the weather may be cool, windy, or hot. In order to provide comfort and protection to your swimmer(s), you should come prepared for any type of weather. The following is a small list of things to bring to help keep you and your swimmer comfortable. Parents, please make sure your swimmer gets plenty of rest prior to a meet.

BLANKETS OR SLEEPING BAGS – For the swimmer to keep warm while waiting for their next event.

SHADE/CANOPY/TENT-To keep you out of the cold breeze or hot sun.

TOWELS – Swimmers are in and out of the water and need dry towels. During the cooler days, towels are difficult to dry, we recommend at least two towels per swimmer.

SWEAT PANTS or SHIRT – Are comfortable and easy to get on and off. Team apparel is available for purchase.

LOTIONS – Bring appropriate sun block to protect your swimmer. Sun screens have the tendency to come off with exposure to water and continual toweling; please apply often throughout the day. Most pools are not shaded.

SNACKS – Meets usually last four to five hours. Bring healthy snacks and drinks. Usually there are snack bars available at the meets, but don’t count on it. Suggested snacks: low protein foods such as bagels, rice cakes, power bars, fresh fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches.