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March Clinics

LCSC 2021 Stroke Clinic

The 2021 March Clinic will be a bit different this year.  First, NorCal has made an exception for 2021 that allows swimmers to swim and practice during the months of February and March or even April, with no penalties or restrictions that will prevent them from registering and participating in the 2021 recreation season.

Secondly, we will be limiting the number of swimmers in each lane to three .   The swim clinic will have nine lanes reserved; six lanes in the main pool and three lanes in the L-pool.


The clinic:

  • Five days a week Monday – Friday.
  • Two practice times 4:45pm -- 5:45pm “or” 5:45pm – 6:45pm.
  • Any age-group swimmer can register in either practice time if they secure a slot.
  • The number of available slots for each practice time is limited to 27. Once swimmer is approved for a practice time, he/she must stick to that practice time throughout the clinic.
  • You must be a current active member of LCSC to secure a slot. If membership is on freeze, complete paperwork at front desk to become “active” March 1st and swimmer can then register for clinic on February 19th.
  • Your registration form and payment must be made at the front desk (no online or email registrations are available).
  • To secure a slot, a completed registration form and payment must be received and approved.
  • In order to be fair to all swimmers, registration for March Clinic opens at 5:00a.m. Friday, February 19.  (Due to capacity limits, registrations will not be accepted before that date).                         

$120 for the month per swimmer (all 5 weeks included March 1- April 2)  Swimmer must be on an active club membership.

By attaching my signature below, I hereby grant my permission for my child/children,____________________________________________, to participate in the LCSC Swim Team Clinic Program. In consideration of participation in this program, I release Laguna Creek Sports Club, its employees and representatives from any and all liability for injuries, which may arise as a result of my child's participation in the program.


Parent Signature_______________________________ Date: ___________________

Phone Number: ________________________ E-mail Address: ______________________________

Membership Number:____________________________


Swimmer Name: ____________________________  Age: _____

Circle one:  4:45pm-5:45pm or 5:45pm – 6:45pm. Registration is not secure until confirmed at the club.


 Swimmer Name: ____________________________ Age: ______

Circle one:  4:45pm-5:45pm or 5:45pm – 6:45pm. Registration is not secure until confirmed at the club.


Payment Method: Check ____Charge my membership # ________________________

I authorize Laguna Creek Sports Club to charge my membership account the amount of $_____________ for participation fees (unless an alternative payment source is indicated above).

Signature:_____________________________________                       Date:__________________


Please activate my membership account effective March 1, 2021:



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