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Types of meets: Dual meet, Home meet, Away meet.

Arrival time: Normally anywhere from 6:30 am to 7:15 am. The Coach will send out exact time a day before.

Check in: There will be “a check in person” either it’s a parent volunteer or a coach at the entrance.It is very important to be there on time since the computer people will make event/heat program based on check in. If you are running late or cannot make the meet, please CALL Coach right away. ALL SWIMMERS MUST CHECK IN 45 MINUTES BEFORE START OF MEET OR THEY WILL BE SCRATCHED.

After check in: Swimmers need to go to appropriate Team Tent and get their assigned event # written on their arm. Then swimmer will find a coach and go do “warm ups”. Parents and guardians will set up ones’ area (canopy, chairs, etc), and check in for their volunteer positions. (Timers, snack bar etc).

General Timeline: Meet normally starts at 8:30 and ends around 1pm.

Shifts: Usually there are 2 shifts in a given meet. First shift goes from start of event #1 to end of event #43. Second shift starts from event #44 till the end. A shift change happens by the event rather than time since we cannot give exact time to start and end. 1st shift person cannot leave the position until he/she gets relieved by the 2nd shift person in order to continue a meet. So if you are in a second shift, please do not be late.


#1-11 Medley relay

#12-17 Individual Medley ( age 9 and up)

#20-31 Free Style

#32-43 Back strokes

#44-53 long Free style

#54-63 Breast strokes

#64-73 Butterfly

#74-83 Free style relay


Heats: A heat is the order of the group which one swims within an event. For example, if you are in Event #32, heat one; you will be swimming in the first group of back stroke.

Volunteer positions: The meet runs solely by volunteers. Therefore it is very important and mandatory on our team that if your child swims in a meet, you must take a volunteer position. There are many different positions Timer,team parent, runner, snack bar/hospitality, ready bench, as well as trained positions such as Stroke and Turn judge, computers and Colorado timing system. Timer is popular and often a good job for new parents as well as team parent.  Team parents are there to check swimmer’s events, mark their arms, gather them and take them to the ready bench or block. The team provides canopies for team parents and their group swimmers.

When to send a child to team tent during a meet:  A team parents job is to gather the group and take them to the ready bench. They are NOT responsible to babysit swimmers during a meet. So make sure to feed/hydrate/sunscreen swimmers. And please send your child to team tent about 5 events prior to your child’s event.

What to bring to a meet: Shade(umbrella, EZ up), drinks (water,Gatorade), sunscreen, towels, cap/goggles, snacks, blankets, folding chairs, games, money. Often Host teams have a snack bar where you can buy snacks and lunch.  Still a good idea to bring some snacks and plenty of water.  If you have any meet questions, please contact the Gator Board at [email protected]