Gator Partners
Parent Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Policy

Our league swim teams are run with volunteers.  Each family must provide at least one adult to work a shift at the swim meets.   If you chose not to volunteer for the minimum of six shifts (per family) during the regular season and the minimum of two shifts (per family) at Championships, it will result in a charge (maximum of $280) to your LCRC house account to the Gator swim team at the end of the season. Note that families with only a 6 & under swimmer will be required to complete only 1 shift at Championships.  We will prorate the charge (crediting your family $35 per volunteer shift) if you fulfill a portion of your required shifts.  Remember, swim team depends on volunteerism. Registration documents are not complete for returning or new swimmers without this volunteer commitment.  Volunteer job descriptions are available at  Most jobs will be filled on a first-come first-served basis and will be available online at , prior to each swim meet.   A few jobs that require special training will be filled by the volunteer coordinators prior to each meet.  Some opportunities to volunteer at events besides meets will be announced throughout the season.  In contrast to sign ups for the dual meets, jobs for Champs will be pre-assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator, and you will be notified of your assignment prior to the weekend of Champs.