Mother Lode



Dates: July 27-28, 2019

Location: Vista Del Lago High School Pool
1970 Broadstone Pkwy, Folsom, CA 95630

2019 NCSL Letter to Parents

2019 Information from Meet Director (Including Facility maps and Schedule)

2019 Meet Program



Dates: July 21-22, 2018

Champs Program

Location: Vista Del Lago High School Pool
1970 Broadstone Pkwy, Folsom, CA 95630



2017 Information:

Team Rep

Mother Lode Conference
Arden Park Dolphins Jason Marshall [email protected] 916.769.4952
Fair Oaks Dolphins Chris Jackson [email protected] 916.208.2041
Rollingwood Rockets Tammy McLean [email protected] 916.813.0553
West Sac Dolphins Kenna Jeske [email protected] 916.712.4030
Woodland Wreckers Jon Hanson [email protected] 916.802.5650

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2016 Mother Lode Championships

2016 Mother Lode Meet Results

Saturday preliminary

Long version

Short version


Saturday finals

Sunday preliminary

Long version

Short version


Sunday finals


Individual High Points

6 and under







Team Scores

West Sacramento


Arden Park




Fair Oaks




Dates: 7/16/16-7/17/2016

Vista Del Lago High School

1970 Broadstone Pkwy, Folsom, CA 95630



Meet Program


Motherlode Championships- 2015

2015 Comstock Meet Results

Saturday preliminary

Long version

Short version


Saturday finals

Sunday preliminary

Long version

Short version


Sunday finals


Individual High Points

6 and under







Team Scores

Galt Gators


West Sac Dolphins


Fair Oaks Dolphins


Rollingwood Rockets


Carmichael Beavers


Amador Polarbears



Meet Information

Meet Program

Meet Schedule

Champs Information Letter


Dates: 7/25-7/26, 2015

Location: Woodland Community Swim Center, 155 N. West Street, Woodland, CA



Motherlode 2013 Championships Information


Team Scores:

Dixon - 1191.50

West Sac - 1102.50

Galt - 969

Carmichael - 892

Fair Oaks - 826.50

Amador - 773.50



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Meet Schedule (Click Here)

Champs Coordinator   Wendy Conklin

Date:    07/20 & 07/21
Location:   West Sac Recreation Center

Conference Championships are this coming weekend, July 20th-21st, 2013!!! Temperature is expected to be 100 degrees on Saturday and 95 degrees on Sunday. Though Saturday will be hot, it’s still cooler than it was last year! There is an extra team in our conference this year, so we are expecting approximately 2,500 people. We need to keep the Meet running as smoothly as possible. This sheet contains reminders for swimmers, parents, volunteers and coaches that will help us accomplish this goal. Let’s work together to make this a GREAT meet for our kids!!! See you on deck.

1. There is plenty of parking on site at no charge. All swimmers and families are asked to access the pool from the back lot off Linden only. There is zero drop-off or pick-up in the front lot of the Rec Center on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Please note violators will be immediately towed.

2. The deck will be open for access at 6:30am both days – no access granted prior to that time.

3. Each team’s area will be well-defined and each team must stay within their designated areas only. Sidewalks are for evacuation and cannot be blocked.

4. A few things that are not allowed in the team areas: BBQ’s, silly spray or chalk, overnight tarps, and alcohol. Also, please no staking of tents.

5. Meet set-up is from 4:00pm – 7:30pm on Friday 7/19/13. Parents will not be allowed to set up personal tents until 5:00pm. Anyone seen setting up their tent prior to 5:00pm will be asked to take it down. Also, you MUST park in the back parking lot by the football field even on Friday.

6. Only volunteers who are transporting deck equipment will be allowed to drive on the blacktop. This will be strictly monitored and enforced – no exceptions. This is to avoid sprinkler heads being run over and broken as happened last year.

7. The deck area behind the blocks all the way to the far side of the scoreboards will be completely blocked both days. We will have deck patrol monitoring entry onto the deck, and anyone without a deck pass will NOT be able to gain deck access. This is to cut down on noise, chaos and congestion.

8. Please be kind and respectful to the Deck Monitors as they perform their duties. Rude behavior and/or language toward the Deck Monitors will not be tolerated. If this happens, you WILL be asked to vacate the premises immediately. NO exceptions.

9. The Rec Center facility bathrooms (behind the blocks) will be open only to swimmers either at Ready Bench or immediately following a race and current-shift deck workers. The high school bathrooms will be open in the team areas for all to use. We will have janitorial services, but please be sure to clean up after yourselves. Again, swimmers can only use these restrooms immediately prior to or following a race – no exceptions.

10. There is absolutely NO camping in the bleachers – this will be strictly enforced. Please be respectful to all by staying to watch your swimmer’s race, then leaving to make room for others. If you do not have a family pop-up tent, please bunk with another family on your team.

11. There will be limited room in the warm up/cool down lane. Please monitor your child(ren) to make sure they are in the pool only for the limited time necessary to warm up. Swimmers will not be allowed to sit on the edge of the warm-up pool.

12. Swimmers should have their event number/heat/lane written on their arm each day with black sharpie. This will assist ready-bench personnel and help the meet run more smoothly. (The ink easily washes off with suntan lotion or baby oil.)

13. The outlets along the building will be taped over and cannot be used under any circumstance.

14. All swimmers MUST come through the ready bench in order to swim an event for prelims AND finals. This includes relays. No exceptions.

15. No swimmers along the pool edge during finals or relays. However, they are welcome to crowd there during the parent and coaches relays to cheer on their team!

16. Teams cannot perform team cheers on the deck or inside the pool area at any time. This must be done in their own team areas. This will be strictly enforced as it is disruptive and interferes with the admin of the meet.

17. Please remember that swimmers aged 7/8 and up swim BOTH days.

18. Do not leave the meet either day until you have checked in with your Coach.

19. Parents should direct any concerns to their team’s League Representative, rather than the coaching staff or meet officials. Your League Rep will work to resolve your concern, and if they are unable they can inquire from the meet officials.

First shift volunteers should check in upon arrival at the meet both days, at the Volunteer Tent which will be located near the T-shirt/Program Sales Tent. All subsequent shifts should check in AFTER the meet begins in order to avoid congestion. If a volunteer is a no-show it will be up to that team’s Volunteer Coordinator (VC) to find a replacement. The VC’s will have a list of phone numbers for each other along with League Reps of all teams. VC’s and League Reps will need to have their phones turned on as we need to be able to reach you at all times during the meet.

1. The League will provide some refillable water bottles; however, it’s encouraged that you bring your own in the event the supply is exhausted prior to your check-in. Hospitality will not be providing cups or bottles of water. Please ensure you have a refillable water bottle so we can keep you well-hydrated.

2. You will not be allowed to leave your post until you are “tagged out” by the next shift worker. This will allow the meet to continue without interruption. Please don’t worry – we will make sure a replacement is posted for you.

3. Please pay attention to the announcements calling you to work your respective shifts. Please report to your shift timely as you must “tag out” the person you are replacing. Shift change is expected to take a maximum of two minutes.

4. Runners: please do not critique the DQ slips or pass them to Meet Referee for review.

5. No DQ slips are to be destroyed once they come to the Head Stroke and Turn (submitted and an official record at that time). Head Stroke and Turn and Deck Ref can discuss any rejected or overturned DQ slips. But Deck Ref must agree to rejection. Deck Ref can bring Meet Ref into discussion if they wish. Deck Ref AND Head S&T to each sign every DQ slip, confirming valid slip and swimmer with program. Overturned or rejected DQ will be kept in one pile at the Starting/Computer area.

6. All DQ slips without Swimmer name, Heat, Lane, and Event, will be rejected once submitted. In relays, submit Team name on name line.

1. Please help police the bleachers and ask those who are “camping” to move to their team’s area. We will be specifically shoulder tapping team Presidents and VP’s for assistance with this. If you see folks from your team who’ve set up camp please ask them to move.

2. NCSL Reps will not be working other jobs/duties during either day. Please be available by cell phone to assist when requested.

3. Please help police bathrooms and trash areas.

COACH REMINDERS (from the Meet Ref)
1. It’s important to remember the chain of command for all issues and complaints. That being said, Coaches are to discuss any concerns with Deck Ref only. They are not to approach any other volunteer on the deck with concerns. Deck Ref will address and resolve, and can invite Meet Ref into the situation if they so choose.

2. Coaches must control running up and down the lanes to cheer on their swimmers. This is dangerous to everyone.

3. NO swimmers are allowed in the Coaches’ table area. This will be strictly enforced.

4. Meet Ref to discuss any appeals with Deck Ref at the time of the race, and on deck currently. Meet Ref can make decision to overturn or enforce decisions by Deck Ref and then coach can decide to appeal. If appealed, the Meet Ref will call for one rep from each team (should be NCSL team rep or their appointee) to a meeting where Meet ref will present facts/situation and then a vote decision will be made and is then final.

5. Any Coach questioning a suit needs to bring this to the attention of the Meet Ref prior to the swimmer stepping up to the block. Once the swimmer is on the block it’s too late to change, and if the suit is found to be illegal the swimmer will be DQ’d.

Motherlode 2012 Championships Information

Date:    07/21 & 07/22
Location:   West Sac Recreation center

                                   Results short                             Results long

 Team  Points
Dixon 1356
West Sac 1322
Galt 1157.5
Fair Oaks 991
Amador 936.5



2011 Championship Information


2011 Final Scores

 Team  Points
West Sac 1513.50
 Arden Hills Otters 1281.50
Amador Polar Bears 1211
 Galt Gators 1133