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2019 Champs

2019 Championships is on July XX & XX at TBD. Go OTTERS!

Additional Important Information:

  • Check-in time is by 7:00 a.m. at the Arden Hills designated area, located on the athletic field and next to the ready bench.
  • Parents working the first shift must check-in no later than 7:45 a.m. at the volunteer table located just inside the pool entrance.  Those working later shifts may check -in after the first shift is underway.
  • Set up camp in the Arden Hills’ team area only . It is very important to stay together at Champs, as there will be potentially 1000 swimmers plus their families at this event!
  • Families can set-up their shade tents on Friday, starting at 6:30 p.m.  There does not appear to be any shade in the team areas – so you need to bring your own!  Please note: there is no security provided overnight – so do not leave anything of value. No tarps of any kind are allowed on the grass.
  • A Meet Program will be available for purchase (usually $5) on Saturday morning.  It will list all the events for both Saturday and Sunday, and swimmers by event, heat and lane. Plan on purchasing a program and highlighting your swimmer’s heat and lane for each event, and then marking your swimmer’s hand with the same information (bring a Sharpie!).
  • Important: there are no “age-group parents” at Champs – you must make sure you get you own child to the ready bench before his/her event. (Another reason to sit with the team – it’s easier to know when to go to the ready bench when you see all the other kids in that age group getting ready to do the same.)
  • If your swimmer does not qualify for finals, please make sure your child is not in a relay (held at the end of the day) before you leave. Points will be given this year to all relay teams down to 10th place, so ALL our relay teams are important!

How To Pack For Champs:

Pack wisely and assume 100 plus degree weather.  Make sure you bring the following:

  • shade
  • spray bottle for water
  • folding chairs
  • sleeping bag or blanket
  • towels
  • lots of water, sports drinks or juice – frozen Gatorades work well!
  • healthy snacks, like fruit and trail mix
  • healthy lunch
  • extra cap
  • extra goggles
  • sun block and sun hats
  • anything to help keep cool – spray bottles and frozen washcloths work well, especially when you are on the pool deck.
  • games, cards, drawing pads etc.
  • camera!