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                Levels Description & Times




Athletes will be arranged into six levels this year [aka Life in the Fast Lane]. The purpose for this division is to instill confidence by ensuring that each child practices in a group with similar abilities. Our coaching staff prefers that swimmers be ahead  of the pack before being moved up. Lagging behind is not in the best interests of the individual & the team.

Assessments for these levels will be conducted every Friday in March between 5 - 7 pm, at which time swimmers will start a two-week trial period when the coaches continue to observe each swimmer. Final placement is then determined by the coaching staff. Please familiarize yourself with these general guidelines:

            Junior Titans - 25 free - slower than :40

    Level 1 - 25 free between :25-:39 - Ages 10 & Under [U]

    Level 2 - 25 free between :20-:24 - Ages 10&U - legal breaststroke kick

    Level 3 - 50 free between :40-:50 - Ages 12&U

    Level 4 - 50 free between :34-:40 - Ages 8 & Over [O]

    Level 5 - 50 free between :29-:33 - Ages 9&O

    Level 6 - 50 free - :28 & faster - Ages 12&O

Once practices are underway, you'll see how this six-level structure motivates our young swimmers to perform better. In addition, the coaches can focus on the specifics required for group & individual improvements, which is afforded by the lane space to pay attention to detail.

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