Parent Volunteers


Swim meets require A LOT of parents help to be successful and affordable.  While our summer dual meets are FREE, every family is expected to contribute via volunteering at the meets.  It truly is a team effort running a meet working together to get the swimmers to their races.

Parent volunteers are needed at both home and away meets.  When we travel to our host's pool, we need to provide volunteers for many of the positions needed to run the meet.  There are some positions the home team may handle by themselves, like computers and Colorado Timing systems. Aside from those positions that the home team has elected to handle by themselves, we are responsible for helping with our fair share.


Swim meet volunteer positions are divided into two shifts: first shift and second shift.  This means that you do not have to volunteer all day and miss watching your child(ren) compete. You can volunteer for for the first shift and/or the second shift.  The choice is yours.


It is quite common for one parent to volunteer for the first shift and the other parent volunteer for the second shift. With younger children, this is the model that most parents follow as it allows one parent to monitor and manage the child(ren) while getting to see some of the events.  


We have a great structure that helps run meets smoothly.  You will receive an email throughout the swim season from our APB Volunteer Coordinator about volunteer positions for swim meets and other team-sponsored events.  Please make sure you do your part and things will run a little more smoothly.



All swimmers and volunteers are required to check in, upon arrival, before the beginning of each meet. Check in time will be indicated within the event posting for each meet in OnDeck and on the APB website. Swimmers that do not check in on time will be scratched from their events and they will be unable to participate in that meet.



There are 88 volunteer shifts for each home meet and 48 volunteer shifts for each away meet that must be filled by Amador Team Parents. Full Job Descriptions can be viewed here:  Volunteer Job Descriptions



Questions about Volunteering?  Contact LeAnn Wilson [email protected]