Practice Schedule

Summer Season Practice Schedule

Monday-Thursday Practices (June 13th - End of 2022 Season)

Black Group (7am-8:20am)

Blue Group (8:20am-9:20am)

White Group (9:20am-10:00am)

Silver Group (10:00am-10:50am)


FRIDAY Starts/Turns/Relays Practices (June 9th- End of 2022 Season)

White and Silver groups (8:30am-9:30am)

Black and Blue groups (9:30am-10:40am)



Swimmers are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend practice every day available to ensure the highest rate of success.  With swimming, you get what you put into it!  

Please be sure that your swimmer is at least 5 minutes early, on deck, dressed and READY to get into the water promptly when their practice starts. Arriving late disrupts practice for other swimmers and will interfere with your swimmer’s instructive progression.

Practice Group Descriptions

Black Group

Strongest, most experienced/ proficient/competitive swimmers; Most rigorous practice, can swim consistent set workouts without major modifications/breaks.

Blue Group

Swimmers that are strong and proficient in the water; Can swim for an entire swim set without major modifications/breaks; Know all four formal strokes; Can dive off of a block & exit the pool without the use of a ladder.


Silver Group

Can get across the pool safely & independently; Ready to learn & master formal swim strokes.


White Group

Swimmers still learning fundamentals; Learning how to enter & exit the pool properly. 


*** If you need to speak with a coach, please do so AFTER practice has ended ***


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*See Practice/Meet Calendar for specific practice & meet times