The Carmichael Beaver Swim Team is reliant almost entirely upon the work of volunteers, with the only people receiving any compensation are the coaches.  Even our board is completely volunteers who receive no discount or compensation for their work.

It is only with family members' generous donation of their time that we can have the best swim season ever. Consider offering your time in one of the following positions:

Board President
Presides over board meeting and coordinates specific activities to ensure a swim meet runs smoothly.

Board Vice-President
Assists the president to ensure swim meets run smoothly.

Board Secretary
Records board meeting minutes, submits it to the board for approval.

Board Treasurer
Maintains the team bank account and accounting of all funds received and paid by the board.

Board League Representative
Attends monthly league meetings and votes on behalf of the team and reports policy and procedure to board.

Board Member at Large
Attends monthly board meeting and supports board activities.

Parent Coordinator
Coordinates and delegates activities to ensure all positions that are required to run a swim meet are filled.


In addition to the board, the team relies upon many volunteers in order to run our swim meets.  To strongly encourage the amount of volunteer work needed, the team requires a $100 volunteer deposit per family when you pay registration,  This money is earned back in full when the family completes the minimum required volunteer work.  While those who do not volunteer  will forfeit that deposit to the team, we would rather have the volunteers.

Each family is asked to meet the minimum of 90 point swim meet requirement in addition to shifts at our fireworks booth and championships.

Swim meets - 90 points

Fireworks booth - one shift

Championships meet - one shift per day

Volunteer Position Description