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Does the Dolphin Swim Team offer swim lessons?

No.  The Dolphin Swim Team is a competitive swim team.  While strokes are taught and refined throughout the season, swimmers are expected to be independently swimming, not fearful of the water, and able to swim across the pool unassisted by the first swim meet.  For information regarding Dixon swim lessons, go to


Can I register my child with you at the pool?

No.  All registration is online.

When is the next registration?

The registration for the 2018 summer season will open on March 1st 2018.


Does my child have to come to practice every day?

No.  We understand that your child and your family have several commitments, and it is not always possible to attend practice.  We encourage you to attend as many practices as possible.  

The practice time does not work for our schedule.  Can my child practice with another age group?

No.  The practice times are based on the pool availability and maximizing the schedule.  During the school year it may be difficult to get to every practice, but do your best.  In the summer the schedule expands for morning and evening sessions to offer more times.  However, due to the workouts planned and the size of the groups, swimming up or down an age is not permitted.

We are going on vacation.  Is it ok if we miss a week of practice?

Yes.  We understand that summers are times for travel and families.  If you miss an entire week before a meet, you should not attend the meet.  However, take the time off, let a coach know, and come back when you get home!

Does my child need to wear a special suit for practice?

No.  Any swimsuit for practice is fine.  For the meet, they are required to wear the team suit or a pre-approved plain black suit.

My child does not appear to be paying attention at practice.  What can I do to help?

The best thing to do is step back and let the coaches handle it.  Please do not try to discipline or coach your child from the side of the pool while our coaches are trying to work with the kids.  It is distracting to the others.  Coaches will approach you if they feel your child is being a disruption to the group.


This is our first year on a swim team.  What can we expect at the meets?

You can expect organized mass chaos.  Meets are fun, exciting, stressful, exhilarating, and look chaotic and organized all at once.  For more details, check out the New Families document under the Documents tab.

Do we have to plan ahead to go to a meet, or can we just show up?

You must plan ahead.  You may not just show up.  You should register your child by the Wednesday before the meet online under the Meets & Events tab.  It is done by a click of the button.  Please do not ask a coach or board member to remember if you are going to be there - just register online!

What time to we need to be at the meets?

You should be to the pool before 6:45 am.  The Scratch Session for the meet ends at 7:00 am. That means, if you have not signed your child in that morning prior to 7:00, even if you registered them online prior to the meet, your child will be scratched from the events the coaches put them in and will not be able to swim. This is true for all home and away meets. You must sign your child in the morning of the meet, prior to 7:00  Please do not have someone else sign in for you, as this causes confusion when the coaches don't see your child on the pool deck.  Please do not call or e-mail, just be there at 6:45am!

What does my child need for the meet?

Your child will need the team swimsuit provided by the team, swim cap (if they wear caps), goggles (if they wear goggles), lots of fluids to drink, and sunscreen.  If they are not wearing the team suit or cap, they may be called off the blocks and not allowed to swim their events.

Do I need to volunteer for every meet?

Yes and no.  Meets are completely run by volunteers.  For a home meet, it requires a minimum of 50 volunteers - just from our team - to run a meet smoothly.  We have many spots to fill!  However, to meet the minimum requirement for the team, you only have to volunteer for your family of swimmers at the Intersquad, 3 other shifts, and 2 positions at Championships.  Remember, if you do not meet the volunteer requirements, your child will not swim at the Championship meet.

What is Intersquad?

Intersquad is the first meet of the year, with just the Dixon swimmers.  We do not compete with another team at this meet.  You child will swim every event in order to get qualifying times for the rest of the meets.  It gives all of us the opportunity to see how a meet is run without the stress of competition. 

What is a dual meet?

Dual meet refers to our regularly scheduled swim meets with another team.  We compete and points are calculated from the top swimmers.  Everyone swims at a dual meet.  Most children swim 2-4 events at this meet.

What do you mean "Championships?"

Championships is the big meet of the season.  Every team in our conference competes for the coveted Championship title, over the course of two days.  Your child will swim every event they have a qualifying time in.  It is a great way to end the season and see how your child improved!  More information on Championships will be available later in the season.

What can parents expect from coaches?


A. We will come to workout on time and with a plan for the workout. Sometimes that plan will change mid-workout based on skill level and understanding of the swimmers in the pool.

B. We will strive to help each athlete realize his or her full potential. Different athletes will progress at different rates, and it is important not to compare your child with the other swimmers in the pool.

C. We will recognize performance as more important than winning or losing. Yes, this is a competitive sport, but we like to place more emphasis on improvement than on winning races.

D. If you have a concern we are happy to speak with you about it, but not during workout times. We can speak between workouts, or make arrangements to speak to you outside of practice times.


What do coaches expect from parents?


A. Trust the authority of the coaches to place swimmers in events and relays. Relay selection can be tricky and is not always based on times. We take into account the swimmers attitude and work habits in workout, and make decisions based on all of these criteria.

B. Encourage your children during meets and leave the coaching to the coaches. Let us be the bad guys. If we see something that needs improvement we will comment on that to the swimmers. (a lot of times it is something that has already been mentioned)

C. It is important that your children attend practice regularly. We understand how busy everyone is, but missing practice means they may miss a new skill or other important information.

D. Sign up for each meet, either yes or no. With over 200 kids on the team, it is very stressful to make changes on the day of a meet. If you sign up yes, and something changes that day, let someone know who can tell a coach.

E. Please arrive to the meets on time. We know it is early, but we need to know who is there so we can make changes if necessary. If your swimmer is not signed in by 7:15 a.m. they will be scratched from the meet and not allowed to swim.


Thanks for your continued support of the Dixon Dolphins!

See you at the pool!