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Dual Swim Meets

Dual Meets are swim meets between the Piranhas and one other team. They are part of the regular Piranhas season of meets. Some dual-meets are exhibition meets and some are conference meets. (The Piranhas are in the Comstock Conference.) Conference meets are indicated on the Season Schedule, which is part of your Registration packet, and on the Calendar page of the website.

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Conference meets are important to the team, because they count toward rankings. Please attempt to schedule vacations during weeks without conference meets. A swimmer must compete in at least two conference meets to participate in Championships for that season.

Dual meets may be home or away meets. The Calendar will have all the details.


Dual Meet Policies

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Miss-a-Meet Binder

If your family is planning to miss a meet at any time, each swimmer MUST sign the Miss-A-Meet binder 10 days before the meet. This lead-time is required, because the computer-seeding process starts two Mondays before each meet. The binder is available at regular swimming practices throughout the season, so please sign as soon as you become aware of a planned absence.

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Unforeseen Situations

The team recognizes that unforeseen situations may arise; therefore, an exception will be made to the above policy for sudden illnesses, family emergencies, etc. In order to receive the exception, the family MUST contact the Team Parent or the designated parent for each swimmer's age group prior to the start of the meet. You will be provided with contact information before the start of regular swim meets.

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Meet check-in starts at 6:30 AM and closes at 7:15 AM sharp! Please be sure to have all swimmers at the facility in time to sign-in prior to the close of check-in. Swimmers who do not check-in on time will be scratched from the meet. Please remember that many swimmers must sign-in, so allow ample time for check-in when planning your arrival at the facility.

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Swimmers must not leave meets early!

Even though your swimmers may have finished all of their individual events, they still may be placed in the freestyle team relays which are run at the end of the meet. If a swimmer is missing, the entire relay team will be scratched. The relays are worth a lot of points, so scratching a team is a big ouch and disappointment to their teammates.

Failing to follow the above policies will result in your swimmer not being able to swim in the next two meets.


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The Northern California Swim League conducts a championship meet for each conference at the conclusion of the swim season. The Piranhas are in the Comstock Conference along with four other teams. The Championships schedule is listed on the annual schedule, which is part of your Registration packet, and on the Calendar page of the website. The Calendar page will also have details and any links you may need, such as a map link.

To qualify for participation at Championships, a swimmer must swim in at least two conference meets. The board member in charge of records keeps track of all swimmers to make sure everyone meets this league requirement. Please try to schedule vacations around conference meets, so your swimmer can participate in Championships

Championships is a two-day event with 6 and under swimmers swimming on Saturday only and all other swimmers swimming on both Saturday and Sunday. Parents & Swimmers in ActionSome families find it easier to find accommodations near the event site rather than driving to and from the meet each day. The Piranhas will try to have information for you concerning accommodations. Watch your email and read the Piranha Press regularly to stay up-to-date. A Piranha Press: Champs Edition is usually published the week before Championships. Watch for it!


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Swimming Invitationals are open swim meets hosted by league teams. Swimmers from many teams compete as opposed to the regular-season, dual-meets in which only two teams compete.

Invitationals are optional meets, and you must register your swimmer(s) and pay for them independently of your team registration. Meet information and forms will be posted to the "Optional Event Registration" section of the Registration page as they become available, and the Calendar page will contain event entries for each meet.

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Spring invitationals are a great way to gain experience for the upcoming season, and all invitationals are great for team spirit. They also give swimmers a chance to meet swimmers from other teams and to practice good sportsmanship.

NOTE: Please refer to the Team Handbook for a complete description of what to expect at the different types of meets.