Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities

As a parent you are appreciated as part of the Piranhas team! We know you have worked hard to raise your children and create the environment in which they grow. The following guidelines are provided to help all members of the team, including parents, coaches, and swimmers, to function well together and provide the best experience possible for your children.

Parents & Swimmers in Action

Let the coach be the coach - The coach's job is to motivate and constructively improve the swimmer's performance, while the parents provide support and encouragement. We want your swimmer to relate quickly to his or her coach, and when the swimmer has one source for training matters, he or she will develop a relationship of trust and respect with the coach.

Model good sportsmanship - Swimmers are encouraged and expected to cheer on their teammates and support each other in both practices and events. They should participate in meets in the spirit of friendly competition, shaking hands with competitors and congratulating them for a job well done. By modeling the same supportive and friendly behavior as adults, we create an environment where all participants can thrive and have fun.

Parents & Swimmers in Action

Participate - The success of the Elk Grove Piranhas Swim Team is fundamentally dependent upon each family's participation. It literally takes hundreds of hours to manage the Team and its many activities throughout the season. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are completely dependent upon the help of family volunteers. Active participation not only keeps the team running smoothly but will model what it means to be a responsible team member.

Please carefully read the Team Handbook. It outlines team policies and procedures that you will be required to follow in order for your swimmer to participate. If you have questions, please contact one of our Board members listed on the Piranhas Board page.

Parents & Swimmers in Action

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