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We have a large coaching staff to provide excellent instruction to each of our swimmers. Coaches are present at both practices and events, and also offer Skills Clinics through the Cosumnes Community Services District. Swimmer will get to know and respect their coaches throughout the year. In addition to teaching skills and stamina, our Coaches model the Piranhas ethics of respect and good sportsmanship, team spirit, and hard work.

Parents & Swimmers in Action

For more information about individual coaches, please use the "Our Coaches" link in the "Board & Coaches" page sub-menu. Coaches' entries include the position title, coach's name, and contact information along with a short bio and some fun information about each coach to help parents and swimmers get to know and feel comfortable with them.


Board of Directors

Parents & Swimmers in Action

Our Board of Directors is made-up entirely of parent volunteers who put in many hours each year to make the Team function. They meet once or twice a month, and parents are always welcome at Board Meetings; just contact one of the Members for information about the next meeting. You will also see Board Members at every event, organizing and running things, but also chatting with other parents and answering questions. Get to know them!

For more information about Board Members, please use the "Piranhas Board" link in the "Board & Coaches" page sub-menu. Board Member's entries include the position title, current holder's name, and contact information along with a short description of the position.  This will help you decide who best to contact with questions or comments.

Volunteering for the Board

Parents & Swimmers in Action

If you are considering volunteering for the Board when a current Member steps down, please use the "Board Position Descriptions" link in the "Coaches & Board" page sub-menu.  Board positions require a two-year commitment.  Please contact the person currently in the position if you are interested and/or have questions.

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