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Practice Levels

Practice Levels


The Levels have been restructured to provide each swimmer with workout sessions that lead to all-round maximal improvement. The coaching staff prefers to observe an athlete swim in front of teammates on a consistent basis before being moved up to the next level, primarily so as not to lose self-esteem by lagging behind and impeding the progress of those already there. Many other considerations -- e.g., swimmers per lane, less individual attention, team-building, etc. -- are taken into account. Exceptions to these principles are rarely made, and the coaching staff cannot be responsible for planning each family's transportation needs. Please feel free to speak directly with a coach for his/her rationale and advice. These level identifications are new, and they're working!


Mini Rays:  The Mini Rays program is for children who are water safe, able to swim at least 25 feet unassisted, and have never been on a competitive team. Open to swimmers 5-8 years of age, this is a beginner-level program that guides young athletes looking to make the transition from swim lessons into team competitions. 


 Level 1: Beginners, primarily 8&Us, who are new to the sport and learning to side-breathe during freestyle.


Level 2: Swimmers who are ready to be introduced to all four strokes, can execute a legal breaststroke kick, but have not yet mastered the rhythm of each stroke. 


Level 3: Swimmers who have learned all four strokes, are working toward refining technique, and become initiated to Ultra-Short Race Pace Training [USRPT].


Level 4: Experienced swimmers who have mastered all strokes and are developing greater endurance for USRPT. 


Level 5: Experienced swimmers who are familiarized with USRPT and prepared for increased yardage and faster intervals.


Level 6: High School swimmers who compete for their school team and join after that season ends.