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March Clinics

March Clinics

Stroke Mechanics - 2019



Head Coach Jeff Float and Assistants Stephanie Turnbull, Christie D'Eon and Mason Jones will be conducting Pre-Season Swim Team Clinics during the month of March. Masters Coach Sandy McDonald will also be on-hand to provide additional technique expertise. League rules allow swimmers to participate in three one-hour technique clinic sessions per week. The clinic is offered four days each week, swimmers will be in the water Tues through Thurs and will have a Core & Flexibility Class on Friday. The clinics will run for four weeks and focus on each of the four strokes in addition to racing starts & turns. You may sign up for individual sessions or all four sessions.


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Level Descriptions


Mini-Rays: The Mini-Rays program is for children who are water safe, can swim at least 10 feet unassisted and are not ready for a competitive swim team. Open to swimmers 5 - 7 years of age, this is a beginner level program that guides young athletes looking to make the transition from swim lessons into competitive swimming.


Level 1: Beginners, primarily 8 & Under, who are learning how to side breathe during freestyle and swim backstroke.


Level 2B: Swimmers who can side breathe in freestyle, swim backstroke, and are ready to be introduced to the breaststroke.


Level 2A: Athletes who are prepared  to be introduced to all four stokes, can execute a legal breaststroke kick, but have not yet mastered the rhythm of all four strokes.


Level 3: Members who have learned all four strokes and are working towards refining mechanics and becoming initiated to Ultra Short Race Paced Training [USRPT].


Level 4: Those 11 & Ups who are still learning all four strokes and are looking toward improving and perfecting technique.


Levels 5 & 6: Experienced swimmers concentration on improving their technique.



Levels 1 - 6      $30 per week or $105 per month

Mini-Rays          $105 per month


The clinics are offered Tuesday thru Friday each week. Athletes will swim Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays and have Core & Flexibility Class on Fridays.