Support Our Partners

When you register your child for the competitive swim program, you will be asked to agree to the following terms.


As a member of the Rocklin Swim Team, parent participation is crucial. There are numerous committees that need to be filled by volunteers, and it takes many people to run a successful meet. We are bound by league rules to include volunteer workers to assist in the running of meets whether they are held at home or away. It’s important to note that we cannot leave the multitude of jobs that need filling to fall on a few parents. We are one team with one dream – and the more people who are committed to supporting our team, the more successful we are.




Traditionally each family is expected to volunteer 24 hours per season for the team as part of their general membership.  Hours can be earned in several ways:

  1. By joining a committee to support the successful execution of meets, and
  2. Volunteering to support the efforts of our social and fundraising committees, and/or
  3. Supporting the efforts of any other RST programs (i.e. Mavs, Clinics, Splash, Aquatics), and/or
  4. Serving in an administrative capacity for the team (e.g. board assistant, marketing, etc.)

Each family can earn a maximum of 13 hours credit in support of the efforts listed under numbers 2 through 4 above. These volunteer hours must be approved by a committee chair or board member to count toward the annual commitment. The remaining 12 hours must be earned at Wave meets.

Credit of 4 hours is given to each family for every shift worked at a Wave meet (home or away) during the season, regardless of the committeeIf your swimmer is participating in the meet, then you must volunteer for a shift at that meet. Families missing multiple meets throughout the year may be required to work double shifts at a meet they are attending.

Volunteers filling committee chair roles are automatically credited with their full 24-hour commitment at the end of the season.


At the end of each season, swimmers participate in Champs, a two-day event. It is mandatory that families with swimmers in this meet must volunteer to work during the meet. Volunteering at Champs is over and above the 24-hour commitment that is required. Scheduling for Champs occurs during the summer as the event nears, and is not tied to the committee that you participate in during the season (i.e. if you are a timer for meets, that doesn’t mean you have to be a timer at Champs). Families falling short of their annual volunteer commitment may have the opportunity make up hours by working extra shifts at Champs.


Failure to meet your volunteer commitment will result in the following fine:

  • Wave - $250
  • Mavs - $250
  • Splash - $50

It will also result in immediate suspension of your membership with the team, and will preclude your swimmer(s) from participating in any RST program until the debt is settled.

Midway through the season, a mid-year review will be completed to assess each family’s progress towards achieving their total annual volunteer commitment. If, at that time, a family has performed less than 40% of their total commitment, a deposit to cover the full amount of the penalty will be assessed. The deposit will be returned upon fulfillment of the commitment, or forfeited to the team if the commitment is not achieved.

At the end of the season, any family failing to meet the total annual volunteer commitment will be immediately assessed the penalties as listed above. However, families with greater than 80% completed may be given opportunities to volunteer throughout the remainder of the calendar year to settle the debt, while those with less than 80% must pay the fine.