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Wave (Spring/Summer Team)
Competitive Recreation Swim Team with PreSeason March Clinic before Tryouts- Rocklin WAVE


In the off-season we offer swimmers a March Stroke Clinic for those who can swim unassisted and on their back, and also seasonal sessions with our Mavericks Fall Team and Mavericks Winter Team.   

Rocklin WAVE swim team tryout is March 21, 2020 and click here for tryout appointment.  Email if you have questions about tryouts or registration.  After successful coach tryout then click here to register for team.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter "Rocklin Swim Team" or Instagram "Rocklin_Swim_Team" for team news.  

Our WAVE season begins in April and runs through the end of July with practice Monday through Friday.  During the Rocklin school year, we have practice every weekday evening.  Once school is out, practice times move to morning sessions in the summer.   

Parent volunteers are critical for a successful aquatics program.  Besides our parent volunteers that run the Board of Directors and act as Committee Chairs, every WAVE family supports the team during meets, championships and social events.

Steps to joining our team:

1) Visit website to schedule tryout appointment.  Follow us on Facebook "Rocklin Swim Team" or Instragram "Rocklin_Swim_Team" where we will also announce tryout information.

2) Once approved by the coach you will get an email about registration which is a 2 step process.  You will first register with our Wave team and then second with the Northern California Swim League (previous years the NCSL fee has been $15).  Swimmers who do not get a spot on the Wave team are eligible for our Splash summer pre-team or swim school programs.

Our practice pool facility is at Whitney High School located at 701 Wildcat Blvd, Rocklin, CA.


Check out our WAVE Team and click here for 2019 Rocklin Swim Team video!