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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  Who do I contact if I have questions?

  • Contact who can triage your inquiry but email or contact your swimmer's coach directly if it has to do with swim practice or a swim meet.

2. What are entry levels?

3. What are your competitive teams and how long is the season?

  • Rocklin WAVE tryouts are the morning of the 3rd Saturday in March. The season is April thru July with 5 dual meets and 1 championship meet.  Practices are at Whitney High School pool and dual meets at Rocklin High School pool.
  • Rocklin MAVERICKS has year-round tryouts by appointment and appeals to multisport athletes who cannot commit to Rocklin WAVE.  It has a focus on personal and long term development of swim skills with a season from September into August with monthly meets and qualification to local and national championships.  Practices are at Whitney High School pool.

4.  How many days per week is practice offered for Splash, Wave, Mavericks?

  • Rocklin Splash Pre-Team offers 4 days Monday thru Thursday.
  • Rocklin WAVE offers 5 days Monday thru Friday.
  • Rocklin MAVERICKS offers 5-6 days Monday thru Saturday depending on practrice group.

5.  How often do swimmers have to practice?

  • We recommend 3 days per week for optimal improvement and benefit, however we understand that many children participate in other sports and activities so practice participation is flexible. Consider the 3 day mark as an average.

6.  What is the practice schedule for the season?

  • We post practice schedules on the team websites.
  • In general, weekday practices during the school year are in the evenings.
  • Once school is on summer break then we have morning practices.
  • In general younger age groups practice early during evening practices- exact times will be decided after returning swimmer registration is complete.

7.  How many swim meets does my swimmer need to participate in to remain eligible?

  • Only WAVE has specific requirement noting swimmers must swim in a minimum of 2 dual conference meets to be eligible for Championships at the end of the season. In order to remain eligible for Returning Swimmer status, swimmers must swim in a minimum of 3 dual meets (conference or non-conference). 

8.  Is there a parent participation requirement?

  • Yes all teams have a need for parents that participate in fundraising for our non-profit.   The Rocklin WAVE and MAVERICKS  have additional volunteerism as listed under the website "Parents" tab by select the subtab "Volunteering" or read the team Handbook available in the "Parents" tab by selecting "Documents".
  • Rocklin WAVE predominantly requires parents to volunteer by committee to fulfill their volunteer hours with opportunity to serve as Rocklin Swim Team Board members.
  • Rocklin MAVERICKS predominantly requires parents to volunteer as timers or USA Swim Officials with opportunity to serve as Rocklin Swim Team Board members. 

9.  What equipment will my swimmer need for practices and meets?

  • These can be purchased at our Team Store:
    • A sturdy one piece suit for practice for girls and a jammer or racer/speedo for boys. A team suit and team swim cap for meets. 
    • Goggles, caps for hair longer than 2 inches(boys or girls), and fins for ages 7&up are all necessary equipment for practice. It is recommended that swimmers have a tinted pair of goggles, especially for morning practices and meets, when the sun is bright overhead. More detailed information about required equipment will come from Coach prior to the start of practices. 

10.  What will my swimmer need to know/be able to do at WAVE try-outs?

Age Group

Min. Requirement

Ability to demonstrate

6 & Under

  • Enters water freely
  • Comfortable in water (incl deep water)
  • Freestyle 10-15 yards
  • Freestyle 25 yards
  • Backstroke 5-10 yards
  • Ability to dive
  • Ability to float & propel on back
  • Ability to listen and follow directions

7-8 years

  • Freestyle 10-15 yards
  • Backstroke 10-15 yards


  • Backstroke 25 yards
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Freestyle flip turn
  • Ability to dive
  • Ability to float & propel on back
  • Ability to listen and follow directions

9-10 years

  • Freestyle 25 yards
  • Backstroke 10-15 yards
  • Knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly
  • Freestyle 50 yards
  • Backstroke 25 yards
  • Breaststroke 25 yards
  • Butterfly 10 yards
  • Freestyle flip turn
  • Ability to dive

11-18 years

  • Freestyle 50 yards
  • Backstroke 50 yards
  • Breaststroke 50 yards


  • Free 50 yards
  • Backstroke 50 yards
  • Butterfly 25 yards
  • Freestyle flip turn
  • Backstroke flip turn
  • Ability to dive
  • These are minimum requirements and do not guarantee placement on the team. 

11. What is the refund policy for clinics and summer program?

  • Refunds will only be offered before clinics begin less processing fees.
  • Dates for refunds will be specified on the registration page for the Summer program less processing fees.

12. What ages does Rocklin Swim Team accept?

  • Boys and girls up to age 18.

13. What if my swimmer wants to continue team after Wave season?

  • Learn about Rocklin Mavericks fall and winter introductory sessions which require no tryouts but swimmers able to swim 50 yards unassisted.  You can also learn about Rocklin Mavericks tryouts here .