Sharks Bylaws


2017 Revision


The name of this organization will be the “Friends of Sunrise Sharks”; hereafter called the “Sunrise



1. Sunrise Sharks is an organization under the sponsorship of Sunrise Recreation and Park District,

hereafter called the “District”.

2. Sunrise Sharks works cooperatively with the District through the District’s assigned personnel to

promote the purpose of Sunrise Sharks and the overall program of the District.

3. A statement of the District’s policies and responsibilities relative to the recreational swimming

program is attached for the reference of the Sunrise Sharks.


1. The purpose of the Sunrise Sharks is to:

a) Assist District personnel with the promotion, organization and operation of the

recreational swimming program.

b) Provide, through fundraising, monies and/or services for materials, awards and services

not provided by the District.

c) Encourage participation and assist all interested youth in recreational swimming.

d) Organize and sponsor the annual team awards ceremony and other special events and

programs related to the recreational team.

2. The role of Sunrise Sharks officers is to coordinate and direct activities of Sunrise Sharks during

the pre-season and the swim season. The President and Vice President work as liaisons between

District, coaching staff, team members and parents to offer suggestions about the program to

assure its success. The President and Vice President also have authority and assume

responsibility to resolve any issues.

3. The goal of Sunrise Recreation and Park District recreational swim team is the development of

lifelong positive attitudes and good sportsmanship through the sport of recreational swimming.

This program stresses individual skill technique, goal setting, achievement, fun, fitness,

friendships and competition with a recreational setting.


1. All parents and guardians of registered team members of the District’s recreational swim team

are automatically members of the Sunrise Sharks.

2. Friends and families of Sunrise Sharks are welcome to assist with Sunrise Sharks activities if so


3. Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct as outlined by the Northern California Swim League or

the annual Parent Handbook is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including forfeiture of

membership, as determined by the Executive Board.

4. There will be no dues for members of Sunrise Sharks.

5. The role of the members is to assist with the recreational swimming program and Sunrise Sharks

events. Each member family is required to provide a volunteer to work a minimum of five (5)

qualifying shifts. Qualifying shifts are during dual meets, time trials, and Shark-A-Thon. Each

member family may earn one (1) qualifying shift per day. All member families are required to

work a minimum of two (2) additional shifts for Championships in which their swimmer


a) Each member family will remit a $200 volunteer retainer fee at registration, which will

be destroyed at the end of the season, dependent upon completion of required

volunteer commitment.

b) The volunteer retainer fee will be forfeited upon failure to complete the required

number of qualifying shifts or the second failure to show for a volunteer shift.

6. Any exceptions to member responsibilities will be determined by the Executive Board.


1. The officers will consist of President, Vice President, Ways and Means, Secretary, Treasurer,

League Representative, Activities Coordinator, Computer Director, Head Team Parent,

Webmaster, Volunteer Coordinator and four (4) Members-at-Large. These officers will

constitute the Executive Board and will meet at the call of the President to conduct business of

the Sunrise Sharks.

2. Duties of officers:

a) President. Conducts meetings and activities of the Sunrise Sharks; acts jointly with the

Treasurer to administer the finances of Sunrise Sharks; appoints committees and

delegate their chairmen and duties; acts in conjunction with the League Representative

as a liaison to the District as official spokesperson for the Sunrise Sharks; serves as

chairperson for all recreational swimming programs of the regular season.

b) Vice President – Director of Meet. Appoints co-chairperson(s) as needed for the

organization and conduct all swim meets in cooperation with District personnel,

including but not limited to the following: officials, equipment, pre- and post-meet

arrangements, or other duties as assigned by the President.

c) Ways and Means. Organizes, appoints co-chairs, and coordinates all fundraising events

for the swim team to include, but not limited to, special events, Shark-A-Thon, ad sales,

home meet snack bar and clothing/accessory sales. Coordinates the arrangements and

distribution of team incentive prizes and team clothing/accessories.

d) Secretary. Keeps an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings and activities of

the Sunrise Sharks and Executive Board; acts in matters of Sunrise Sharks

correspondence, including Shark Bites newsletters; serves as chairperson of committee

to complete paperwork matters and registration procedures relative to the recreational

swim team and members.

e) Treasurer. Keeps an accurate record of all revenues and expenditures of the Sunrise

Sharks; provides updated accounts/budget reports at each Executive Board and Annual

Parent meeting; maintains annual budget for Executive Board vote annually in

September; receives and disburses funds of the Sunrise Sharks and jointly administers

finances with the President.

f) Head Team Parent (Clerk of the Course). Organizes, appoints, and coordinates all team

parents. Coordinates Ready Bench during home meets.

g) Activities Coordinator. Organizes, appoints co-chairs, and coordinates all the social

activities for the swim team; appoints co-chairs and assists with all home meet


h) Computer Director. Oversees the computer operation for all meets including data

management and organization for registration for meets and meet preparation.

i) League Representative. Attends all league meetings and represents the District’s

recreational swim team at league meetings; schedules all dual meets with other league

swim teams; liaison reports all information to the Sunrise Sharks and Executive Board.

j) Webmaster. Maintains team website.

k) Volunteer Coordinator. Schedules and coordinates volunteers for all shifts, including

Championships; tracks and reports status of fulfillment of volunteer commitments.

l) Members at Large. Additional individuals to support the responsibilities and activities

of the Board.

3. A quorum will consist of nine (9) officers; President or designee must be one of the quorum. An

employee of the District will be invited to attend all meetings of the Sunrise Sharks or the

Executive Board as a non-voting member of the Executive Board.

4. The President will appoint a nominating committee consisting of not less than three (3)

individuals. The nominating committee will present nominations, for officers ten (10) days prior

to the last home meet. Nominees will be selected among members in good standing. Not more

than one (1) committee member will be a member of the Executive Board. Nominations will

also be accepted from the floor at the time of elections. Individuals nominated must give their

consent to serve, if elected. Voting by the members will take place at the week of the last home


5. The election of officers will end at the last Home Meet. Newly elected officers will begin their

term immediately following the end of the season (Awards Ceremony or Championships,

whichever is later). Officers may serve more than one (1) term of office if so nominated and

elected. If an officer resigns mid-term another officer may be appointed by the Executive Board

to fulfill the vacant position.


1. The Executive Board will govern the general business of Sunrise Sharks, including but not limited

to finances, operating procedures, and event planning and coordination.

2. The approved budget will be presented at the Annual Parent Meeting.

3. A quorum of Executive Board members or full Executive Board majority vote will decide all

Sunrise Sharks and Executive Board matters.

4. There will be a minimum of two (2) general meetings will be held each swim season.

5. Additional general meetings of Sunrise Sharks may be called with three (3) days written notice

by the President or by a petition containing the names of ten (10) Sunrise Sharks members. A

quorum will consist of ten (10) members.

6. All members in good standing are invited to attend all open sessions of Executive Board

meetings. Closed sessions will be summarized in Executive Board meeting minutes made

available on the website.

7. Amendments to the bylaws will be made available with written notice to Sunrise Sharks

members at least one (1) week prior to a general meeting. Membership majority vote will

approve any amendments.


1. There will be no dues for members of the Sunrise Sharks.

2. Monies for the operations of the Sunrise Sharks will be raised through special events and money

raising projects. All members are expected to assist with these practices.

3. After an event where money is collected, all monies need to be turned into the treasurer within

72 hours of the event.

4. Two (2) people must count all monies from events, the person in charge of the event (i.e. snack

bar coordinator or clothing sales representative) and another member in good standing

(excluding the treasurer who will make the final count prior to deposit.) The two individuals

counting the money cannot be members of the same family or share the same home address.

5. A valid, original, and itemized receipt, along with letter requesting reimbursement must be

submitted to the treasurer within 15 days of purchase for all reimbursement requests. All

reimbursements are subject to budget and Executive Board approval.

6. All reimbursements to individuals will be issued checks from the Sunrise Sharks bank account.

There will be no reimbursements to individuals from cash at events.

7. All purchases must be within the budgetary guidelines and/or have Executive Board approval.

Purchases outside of the approved budget without Executive Board approval will not be


8. No blank checks will be issued. All checks will be made out to a specific person or company with

the approved amount.

9. The President and Treasurer will administer the finances of the Sunrise Sharks within limits

established by the Executive Board and these bylaws.

10. A checking account will be opened and maintained at a local bank for deposits of all funds,

except petty cash, which is not to exceed $100.00. All withdrawals will require two (2)

signatures consisting of a combination of the President, Secretary or Treasurer of the Executive

Board. Modifications to authorized signatories will be decided by the Executive Board annually.


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