Meet of Champions 2019

The Sacramento Valley Meet of Champions will be held at the Roseville Aquatic Complex on August 3rd & 4th. This is not to be confused with the Eureka Conference Championships being held on July 27/28.  Please read all info presented here before registering your eligible swimmer.

Please read the MOC Meet Info Sheet and MOC Swimmer Registration info before registering. MOC registration is non-refundable. Please direct any questions, comments and concerns to [email protected]

Entries for MOC will be handled by [email protected] (Richard Combs). Once you have confirmed that your swimmer is eligible and you will attend, please screen shot or forward the proof of registration after it is completed using this email link  (MOC Proof of Registration)

Please keep in mind that swimmers can qualify for MOC at Champs if they make it to the finals. Swimmers can only enter in events that they qualify for, either by beating the qualifying time or making it to the finals at 1 bonus event of the swimmers choice.

The registration deadline is July 29, 2019, before 4:00pm.

Saturday Meet Program

Sunday Meet  Program

MOC Timeline

MOC Psych Sheet

MOC Qualification Times

MOC Meet Info Sheet

MOC Swimmer Registration Info

Sunrise Sharks Qualified Swimmers Chart Updated @ 1:30pm 7/29/19

MOC Individual Records Report   This report shows the stroke and official time of those swimmers who qualified for MOC by beating the qualifying times. This will not include those swimmers who qualified by finishing Top 10 at Champs. That can be found here (Saturday Finals) and here (Sunday Finals).

Official MOC Registrants from Meet Director

Official Meet Entries Report