Lap-A-Thon Explained

Calling all Dolphins!!  It’s Lap-A-Thon time!!!

What is the Lap-A-Thon?  Lap-A-Thon is held during swim practice and involves the Dolphins swimming continual laps for their practice time—as many as they can in one hour. It is a great endurance exercise for swimmers, as it teaches their bodies to use oxygen more effectively, therefore they swim faster. It is also our biggest fundraiser for the season, so we need everyone to participate and help support our team.

Ask your friends, family members, neighbors, relatives, parent’s co-workers, and anyone else you might know to sponsor you. They can choose to give you a per-lap donation (you will have to contact them after the event to let them know how many laps you swam) or a lump sum donation (they pick a dollar amount and just pay it). If they choose the dollar amount (lump sum donation), it is easiest to collect as they sponsor, saving you time later.  Please make checks made to WSST. If you will not be able to be at practice for the Lap-a-thon, no problem; you can still collect flat pledges and we will average laps swam in each age group for per lap donations.

We are really trying to make this a profitable fundraiser so we need each swimmer and family to participate. More information about prizes will be available soon. 

Start NOW, don’t wait until right before the event. The size of the donation doesn’t matter even very small donations add up quickly and can make a large total at the end.

In case you find it helpful here are average lap ranges per age group swam last year:





6 and Unders

23 laps

20-32 laps


30 laps

20-68 laps


79 laps

54-104 laps


93 laps

68-111 laps


103 laps

81-124 laps


Keep in mind these are just averages and can give you an idea of what to expect but the numbers this year could be totally different (we are hoping they are all higher).

Our goal for Lap-A-Thon is a $50 donation on behalf of each and every swimmer. You can raise the money in the way of pledges online, you can just write a check. If you simply cannot raise/donate $50, please give what you can. Pledges are due starting at the Lap-A-Thon and no later than July 21st.  We are counting on 100% participation!  Start collecting now, watch for more information to come, and if you have questions, please email