February Dry Month
Based on my yearly “Game of 20 questions” with coaches, parents, board members here are a few answers to the most common questions:
- Dry period is 100% dry in February. No swimming at all
- Exception starts in March with a max of 3h a week stroke instructions only. Kids can not swim more than 50 yards in one stretch. No sending kids off to warm up for 400 yards for example.
- No registration with other teams .... if you plan on swimming rec then please cancel your membership with any year round operating team by Jan 31
- High School swimmers may start practicing on Feb 11.
- Kids may not follow written instructions and practice on their own. Even oral and written instruction that they might have kept from their coach are considered instructed swimming.
- If you have a parent who spends time with their kids and relatives on the pool deck giving swimming instruction it falls under the “instructed swimming” category and causes ineligibility, especially if said parent has a coaching background.
- Water Safety classes are not permitted
-Try outs need to be conducted after March 1st or have been completed in January
See the below copy of the bylaws and feel free to keep asking questions. I think I will create a FAQ Smile
As I said many times before ... if you have kids that are really passionate about swimming it is totally fine and very much supported by our league to send them off to a year round program. Be proud to have developed a great and committed swimmer and cheer them on to pursue a year round career.
Just make sure you tell your families the proper rules. No harm in asking and we are here to help.
Thanks for your cooperation,
NorCal League President
Section 11.03. Events Causing Ineligibility
    (a) If, between the time period commencing on February 1 and continuing through the completion of all four conference championship meets, an                 individual:
            (i.) Swims in any United States Swimming-sanctioned meet; or
            (ii.) Participates in any stroke-and-turn clinic in February or which does not comply with Section 12.06; or
            (iii.) Practices with, or competes for, any swimming team other than the swimmer's Team; then said individual shall be ineligible to register and participate (or continue participating, as the case may be) in the League swimming season occurring in said calendar year.
    (b) For the period commencing February 1 and ending March 31 an individual shall be ineligible if that individual participates in any swim practice at the direction or supervision of any coach. For purposes of this section “direction” or “supervision” shall include any oral or written directions given by a coach to a swimmer
    (c) Sections 11.03(a) and (b) notwithstanding, an individual will remain eligible to participate in a League swimming season if the individual participates on any of the following teams at any time between February 1 and the end of the League's swimming season:
            (i.) High school swimming teams;
            (ii.) Intercollegiate (junior college, community college, college or university) swimming teams;
            (iii.) Water polo or synchronized swimming teams;
            (iv.) Another Team of this League provided that either the individual’s participation is limited to attendance at stroke-and-turn clinics sponsored by said other member Teams or the individual complies with Section 11.04 of these Bylaws;
            (v.) A team which is a member of another recreational league, provided that said team has not practiced during the time period commencing on February 1 and running through March 31, and further that the individual complies with Section 11.05 of these Bylaws.