Swim Meet Info

Swim meets are held Saturday afternoons.  Some meets will be home (at Waukegan Fieldhouse, 800 Baldwin Avenue, Waukegan) and others will be away.  All swimmers will swim in each meet.  A child can swim no more than four events per meet.  Meets generally take four hours to complete (not including travel time and warm ups). 

All swimmers are required to sign in or out for each meet on-line NO LATER THAN THE SATURDAY PRIOR TO THE MEET.  Swimmers who are not signed in or out will NOT be added to the line up. 

2018-2019 Meet Schedule Coming Soon!

IMPORTANT: If you sign your swimmer in for the meet and the swimmer does not attend the meet, a $25 fine must be paid before your swimmer can participate in ANY Dolphins activities including practice.  The only exceptions are for illness or emergencies.

If a child is sick (or there is an emergency) and needs to be excused from the meet, please contact Coach LeNora (call/text) at 224-622-9908 at least TWO HOURS before the meet.  The more time the coach has to adjust the line up the better.

It takes a lot of time and effort to put a meet line up together.  Pulling a swimmer from a meet last minute could mean we have to scratch two relays and that three swimmers could have events scratched because one swimmer did not give coaches ample notice of an absence!  Your team is counting on you to be there and to be responsible to your team commitment!


  • Be on deck and ready to go in the water at the required time.  If the swimmer is late to warm ups, he/she could be scratched from the meet.

  • Swimmers will be disqualified if they have temporary tattoos, body writing or any type of jewelry.  Swimmers will only be able to write events on their hands.

  • All team members should eat before or after the meet.  Swimmers will be allowed to leave the deck ONLY after they get permission from their age group coach.

  • Ribbons can be picked up from mailboxes.  DO NOT COME OUT ON DECK TO GET YOUR RIBBONS!  Wait until the mailboxes are brought to the lobby.

Recommended gear for meets:

  • Team suit

  • Two towels: one goes out on deck with the swimmer and one stays in the locker.  Everything on deck gets wet, so it is good to have a spare, dry towel for the end of the meet.

  • Two pairs of goggles

  • Two team caps

  • Lock: we recommend that ALL items left in the locker room are locked up.  Items do “grow legs and walk away” at times.

  • Deck bag: Should include such items as: deck towel and separate deck clothes (remember, everything on deck gets wet, so the kids do not want the clothes they will be wearing home on deck with them), healthy snacks, activities, goggles, swim cap

IMPORTANT:  The Northern Illinois Swim Conference has passed a rule that all suits must be made of woven material.  Boys suits can not come above the waist or below the knees (nothing more than a team-issued jammer), and girls must wear our team-issued suit or a suit of a similar style that does not cover the legs.  Neither girls nor boys can have their arms covered by a suit.