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Meet Workers Info

Swim & Dive Meet Worker Requirements

  • Each family is required to work four sessions during the regular season.

  • If your child is participating in a post season meet, you are required to work the meet.

  • You must sign-in with our Volunteer Chair at volunteer table to receive credit for working.

  • A session is:

    • ​Half a swim meet

    • A complete dive meet

    • If you chair a committee, your worker requirements are met.

  • If you have a swimmer and diver, we ask that you fill the dive meet worker sessions first.  

  • If you do NOT meet your meet worker requirements as confirmed by signing in with the Volunteer Chairperson, then your $125.00 worker fee check will be cashed at the completion of the season.

Trainings: Please consider attending a training session. Last year we were short on workers for trained positions.

  • Diving Officials Training: Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm at Beechwood Swim Club
  • Swimming Officials Training: Thursday, June 4th at 7:00 pm at Five Seasons Swim Club


Swim Positions


Announcer - calls for swimmers at each race.  

Head Picker - determine each race at the finish

Stroke Judge & Turn Judge - must be certified for this position

Timer & Recorder - each person times the race, one person records the time

Awards Clerk - Files and applies stickers to ribbons

Runners - takes sheets from recorder to head table


Computer - enter results of race.  Must be trained.  

Computer Assistant - helps with entry

Cookout - prepares and sells food.  First half workers must have food ready to serve after warm ups. Second half workers must help with clean-up and tear down of the grill and concession area.

Dive Positions


Table Worker - writes down scores

Judge - Must be certified for this position

E Dive Entries -  Must be trained, enter scores in computer

Announcer - announces divers and scores


Workers Report

  • Cookout Workers should arrive at 4:30 PM so that food can be served when warm ups are over at 5:15.

  • 1st Session Workers should arrive at 6:00 PM. Meeting at 6:15 PM and meet starts at 6:30 PM.

  • 2nd Session Workers should arrive at 7:30 and start at 7:45 PM.  

  • The 2nd Session Workers is approximate because it depends on how fast meet is running.  The 2nd session will begin at the first backstroke event.

  • Please sign in at the volunteer wtable when you arrive.