Team Readiness Checklist

Newport Penguins Team Readiness Guidelines

In order to join the team, a child must be able to complete the Team’s readiness guidelines set forth below.  These guidelines ensure the safety of all swim and dive team members. The readiness of any child is determined by the head coach only.

A Team readiness assessment using these guidelines will be made by the head coach for each potential new team member at his/her first practice.  Children who are unable to meet the Team readiness guidelines are encouraged to take swim lessons to develop these fundamental swimming skills and to repeat the team readiness assessment later in the season or at the beginning of the next season.  If spots remain open in the Junior Penguins Swim Lesson Program, children who are not ready for the Team are encouraged to participate.    

The Team’s readiness guidelines require that each child can…

  • Swim one lap of the competition pool (25 meters) unassisted on his/her front doing freestyle stroke and one lap of the competition pool (25 meters) unassisted while remaining on his/her back

  • Completely submerge underwater

  • Hold his/her breath underwater for 5-10 seconds

  • Roll from his/her stomach to his/her back

  • Float on his/her stomach (may use arms and legs to stay afloat)

  • Float on his/her back

  • Flutter kick in streamline position on his/her back

  • Flutter kick with a kickboard

  • Get in the water at every practice (even when it’s cold!)

  • Jump into the water and bring himself/herself back to the surface

  • Flutter kick underwater in streamline position for 5 seconds

  • Tread water for 15 seconds