Parent Board

Have Questions?  Need Answers?

Feel free to contact one of your Parent Board Members.  Just click on their names to send them an email.  

Board Members

April Robles - Parent Board President 
Team Registration and Communication
Phone 513-259-4613

Mike Wagner - Treasurer   
Phone 513-213-7665

Anne Black - On Deck Admin
Phone: 513-312-4202

Verna Donovan - Fundraising, Spiritwear and Hospitality
Phone: 513-478-5997 

Laura Lea Murley - Concessions & Secretary
Phone: 513-376-6553

Laura Connock - Immediate Past President
Phone: 513-374-5560

Molly Adams - New Family Liaison, Seadragon Spirit Coordinator

Rolf Stottmann  - On Deck Official; Admin in Training

Other, non board members

Steve Connock, On Deck Head Official; Deck Operations 
Phone 513-633-3860

Anna Walters, Team Suit and Team Photo Coordinator
Jen Rubi, Volunteer Worker Coordinator
Amanda Setters, Team Kick-Off and Breakfast of Champions
Monte Savage & Joe Brink - Dragon Diner Grill
Brigid Beischel, Meet Ribbon and Family file coordinator
Open, Photography and Social Media
Open, End of the Season Celebration
Rich RoblesOn Deck Sound