Brooktree Barracudas

Guidelines & Expectations

Team Philosophy: The mission of the Brook Tree Swim Team is to improve and develop swimmers both physically and in character, through hard work, discipline, competition, and fun.  We are a team that is run solely by volunteers. Without the effort of all our parents, the team would not exist. When your child becomes a member of the team, you become a member of the team. Because we can not run this team without parent volunteers, we expect ALL parents to commit to volunteering at least one half of at least four meets. This an opportunity to show your swimmer that you care about the team as much as they do and to set a good example of a strong work ethic.

Rules for Swimmers:

1. Be on time.

2. Swimmers are expected to make a practice commitment and abide by it.

Coaches will expect swimmers to do their best while acknowledging that everyone’s best is different.

3. Swimmers are expected to respect the coaches and follow instructions.

4. Team suits may be worn for practice, but be aware that continual exposure to the pool water, sun and repeated washing will fade out the colors and stretch the suits. You may choose to use last year’s suits for practice and save the new team suits for the meets.

5. Poor behavior on the pool deck and meets will not be tolerated. Parents will be notified.

6. Only team members may swim with the team during practice.

7. Be prepared to sign up for races by the end of Tuesday’s practice. If you have not signed up, you will not swim in that week’s meet.

8. Arrive for meets on time: 4:45 for home meets and 5:15 for away meets.

Information for Parents:

One of the most difficult aspects of coaching a large team is preparing the line up for a meet. We prepare the line up early, and it takes quite a lot of time to complete, therefore we would like to know who is coming to avoid making numerous changes. It is ok if your child is not ready to swim in a meet, they will be eventually. We will ask your child weekly what they prefer to swim and will make sure they are entered in at least one of their choices. Our coaches would like them to swim every event at least once during the season.

We have a limited number of slots to swim at each meet, and it is imperative that you let us know if your child is not coming to the meet. Please be considerate and understand that when they don’t show up that takes a chance to swim away from another swimmer. We also can’t swim the relay if a swimmer doesn’t show up or leaves early which disappoints 3 other swimmers.

The conference meet is the culmination of our season. Please try to avoid planning your vacations during these dates. Swimmers must compete in three regular season meets and achieve qualifying times to participate in the final conference championship meet.


·         Don't impose your ambitions on your child.

Remember that swimming is your child's activity. Improvements and progress occur at different rates for each individual. Don't judge your child's progress based on the performance of other athletes and don't push them based on what you think they could be doing. The nice thing about swimming is every person can strive to do their personal best.

·         Do be supportive no matter what.

There is only one question to ask your child:"Did you have fun?" Your child should not be forced to participate.

·         Don't coach your child.

You have taken your child to a professional coach. Do not undermine that coach by trying to coach your child on the side. Your job is to support, love, and hug your child no matter what.

·         Do have positive things to say at a swim meet.

If you are going to attend a swimming meet, you should cheer and applaud, but never criticize your child or the coach.

·         Don't criticize the officials.

If you do not have time or desire to volunteer as an official, don't criticize those who are doing the best they can.

·         Do honor your child's coach.

The bond between swimmer and coach is a special one, and one that contributes to your child's success as well as enjoyment. Do not criticize the coach in the presence of your child. It will only serve to hurt your child's swimming.

·         Don't expect your child to become an Olympian.

Swimming teaches self-discipline and sportsmanship; it builds self-esteem and fitness; it provides lifelong friendships. Swimming builds good people and you should be happy your child wants to participate.

Volunteer Information:

Please arrive to the meet by 5:30 and be ready to take on your assigned responsibilities.

**Any parent who can help with set up for a home meet should arrive by 4:00. We can use all the help we can get!