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Info for Newcomers


If you are new to the team and the sport of swimming, we encourage you to ask questions until you understand the sport.  Below is an attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns that occur when your swimmer begins swimming in the meets for New Mark.

How many events will my swimmer swim?  The coaches will let your swimmer know what events they are swimming at practice the day of the meet.  Parents should check the heat sheets to insure that swimmers report to their event on time.  Listen for the announcer to call your specific events.  In between races, your swimmer can rest and visit with teammates.

Swimmers can swim in three individual events and two relays for a total of no more than 5 events per meet.  3 individual and 2 relays.  Relays are assigned by the head coach.  Your swimmer may swim different events from week to week.

At home meets, warm-ups begin at 4:45 p.m. You should plan to have your swimmer at the pool by 4:30 p.m.  At away meets, swimmers should report by 5:00 p.m. for warm-ups.  While you may want to leave after your swimmer’s last event, you should double check with the coaches to make sure your swimmer is not needed for a later event, such as the relay.  You should not leave early if you have a second half volunteer job.

ORDER OF EVENTS DURING A SWIM MEET Meet Starts at 6:00 p.m. Medley Relay Free Style Butterfly Backstroke Break to switch workers Individual Medley (I.M. – for 9 years old and up) Breaststroke Free Relay MEETS WILL END NO LATER THAT 10:00 P.M. 

Individual Medley (IM)  not to be confused with Medley Relay One swimmer swims one length of the pool          Four swimmers each swim one of the  using each of the following strokes in order:          following strokes in order: Butterfly Backstroke Breaststroke Freestyle          Backstroke          Breaststroke          Butterfly          Freestyle For 9 years old and older 8 & Under each swim 25 meters; older          swimmers swim 50 meters of each stroke  

How do I know what my swimmer’s times are? Your swimmers can ask the timers for their time after they climb out of the pool.  Your swimmer’s times will also be available on Friday after the meet via the results page on the website.  The heat sheets will have your swimmer’s fastest times listed.  Heat sheets are sold for $1 at the beginning of each meet (each host team decides how to distribute and the cost may vary).  Pick up one early as they sometimes run out.   

How does my swimmer earn points for the team?  Points and ribbons are awards for swimmers that place 1st through 6th in each individual event.  First place swimmers receive 7 points, second place receives 5 points, third earns 4 points, fourth place earns 3 points, etc.  Relay teams only earn points and ribbons if they finish first.  Winning relay teams earn 7 points for their team.  No points or ribbons are awarded for second place. 

Why do some swimmers get DQ’d (disqualified)?  There are official stroke rules listed on the Missouri Valley Swimming website or on the USA Swimming website.  Please visit those websites for more exact rules on each stroke.  There are links on our team website.  Below is a list of common reasons a first year swimmers gets disqualified.  Freestyle:  Pulling on the lane line; pushing off from the bottom of the pool  Breaststroke:  Improper kick; arm pull below the hips; failure to perform two-handed    touch at turn or finish  Butterfly:  Flutter kick instead of dolphin kick (swimmer must keep both legs); failure to    perform two-handed touch at turn or finish  Backstroke:  Rolling over to stomach; improper flip turn  Relays:  Leaving the starting block too soon 

Once a swimmer gets disqualified, they are not eligible to place in that event no matter what their time is. 

Who gets to swim in relays?  The coaching staff determines the order and which swimmers compete in relays for each meet. 

What happens at Friday morning practice/meetings?  The team gathers at 8:30 on Friday mornings to hand out ribbons earned at the meet the night before.  The coaches also award a swimmer of the week in each age division and a swimmer of the meet.  Free swim follows the awards distribution.  No regular practice on that day. 

Conference Swim Meet:  Swimmers who swim a qualifying time will swim in the conference prelims.  The top 16 swimmers plus two alternates in the conference will swim in the finals.  Relay teams will compete the final night of conference.  See the website for conference qualifying times. 

My swimmer is not doing all the strokes accurately.  Do I need private lessons or will the coaches address weaknesses during practice?  Coaches will address a weakness of an individual swimmer during practice.  However, swim team is not the best avenue for private instruction.  Swim lessons are a parental decision.  If you feel your child would benefit from private lessons, some of the coaches are available for additional instruction for a reasonable fee.  You may ask Evan for a list of Rookie coaches who also give private lessons.  These coaches volunteer daily at our Rookie practice and are very qualified experienced swimmers.  

When is the best time to talk with coaches? Our coaches see over 200 swimmers per day!  They are often moving from one practice straight into another with no time to spare.  If you need to talk to a coach at length about your swimmer, head coach Ethan Rose is the best place to start. You may email him at [email protected] to schedule a time to meet. 

What if my swimmer has other obligations during practice times so he/she cannot attend practices regularly?  Swimmers need to make their best effort to attend all practices.  If there are known conflicts, it is your responsibility to communicate that to the coaches.  It is best to do that in writing via email to [email protected] .  Coaches have the right to exclude a swimmer from a meet if he/she is not coming to practices without prior communication.