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Swim Meet Procedures


Parking at Willow Farms (HOME MEETS) -- At home meets, parking near the pool is very limited.  To ease parking issues please reduce the number of cars being driven to the meet by carpooling when possible.

Meet Time Schedule

4:00pm – Setup crew arrives for home meet

4:30pm – Team arrives for HOME meet

5:00pm – Team arrives for AWAY meet

6:00pm – Meet begins

Order of Events:

First Half:

 #1 Medley Relay 8 & under Boys

 #2 Medley Relay 8 & under Girls

 #3 Medley Relay 9-10 Boys

 #4 Medley Relay 9-10 Girls

 #5 Medley Relay 11-12 Boys

 #6 Medley Relay 11-12 Girls

 #7 Medley Relay 13-14 Boys

 #8 Medley Relay 13-14 Girls

 #9 Medley Relay 15-18 Boys

 #10 Medley Relay 15-18 Girls

 #11-20 Freestyle

 #21-30 Butterfly

 #31-40 Backstroke

 Second Half:

 #41-48 Individual Medley (I.M.)

 #49-58 Breaststroke**

 #59-68 Freestyle Relay

The order is the same for each stroke; boys compete first and then girls compete in each age group.


**2016 Northland Conference rule change on order of events

In the past, if weather arises, we would call a meet and sometimes the last events of the evening would not get swam.  This made it hard so breaststroke swimmers to get qualified.  The conference decided that in the circumstance of impending weather for the evening, events can be changed IN ADVANCE by the 2 team presidents so that  Breaststroke could be swam.  If that were to happen, the breaststroke COULD possibly be moved to the first half of the meet. Please be aware of this change and how it may affect your swimmer.


Plan on the meet lasting 4 to 4 1/2 hours, including clean up time.


Other Meet Logistics

Swimmers need to arrive for home meets by 4:30pm, and parents need to arrive prior to the start of the meet to check-in for their assigned volunteer duties.

Meet Cancelation: Regardless of weather conditions, we MUST be at a meet to avoid a forfeit.  In case of inclement weather, Conference Reps and Coaches will confer on possible cancelation and rescheduling of the meet.  Announcements will be made regarding cancelation and rescheduling over the PA system at the meet.

Please advise the coaches as soon as you know if you are unable to swim in a meet. The meet line-up takes hours for the coaches to prepare and must be submitted early on the day of the meet.  Please be considerate of the coach’s efforts.

Pre-Meet Preparation:

-       The Coach will inform swimmers of the events in which they are swimming on or before the day of a meet.

-       Directions to away meets may be found on our web site under Events.

-       Pack swimmer’s gear: suit, caps, goggles, towels, warm-ups, Sharpie pen for writing events/heats on swimmer’s hand, etc.

-       Pack parent’s gear: sunscreen, chairs, drinks, snacks, etc.

Arriving at the Meet:

-       Get to the pool on time.

-       Check-in with the Coaches to let them know you are there.

-       For $1 you may purchase a Heat Sheet that lists the names of swimmers and the event in which they’re entered for the meet, conference qualifying times, and the fastest time for your child to-date.

-       Parents check-in with Volunteer Coordinator


During the Meet:

-       Parents, especially for younger swimmers, can help getting their swimmer to the Clerk of the Course on time to avoid missing their event.

-       After swimming an event, swimmers, be sure to ask Timers for their “unofficial” time.

-       Swimmers should be notified if they have been disqualified or “DQ'ed” in an event.

-       Swimmers are encouraged to check with the coaches after they swim an event to receive helpful tips and pointers, but may not sit at the coaches table.

-       Concessions, including bottled water, soda, and snacks will be available for purchase at all pools, both home and away. However, you are welcome to bring your own.  Alcohol is not permitted at any Northland Swim Conference meet.

After the Meet:

-       Pick up team and pool area.

-       Volunteers will be asked to help put away equipment.

-       We must leave the pool as we found it for use the next day.

POST-MEET GATHERINGS:  After meets and Conference Finals night, the team will meet for food and drinks. It is a great chance to finish out the night and to get to know other people on the team! More details to be announced.