Volunteer Job Info.


Meet Job Descriptions

*Your job may be switched the day of meet to accommodate the team's needs*

Timers: Overseen by Allison Senese

  • Report to Timer’s Meeting 20 minutes prior to meet start
  • Ensure that swimmer’s are lined up correctly; check names, heat, and lane number
  • Use stopwatches to record the time of each swimmer for each event
  • Write down the times on an event sheet
  • Give the completed event sheet to the meet runner
  • Water and snacks will be delivered to you
  • In the middle of all the action!


Bullpen: Overseen by Katie Finke & Sarah Strode

  • Call swimmers to the bullpen according to event number
  • Organize swimmers for their events by heat and lane number (heat sheets will be given for this)
  • Walk swimmers in a line to the starting blocks
  • Check again to make sure swimmers are still in order
  • Work with marshals to clean up the tennis courts after home meets
  • Get to know all of the kids!


Marshals: Overseen by Linda Teets

  • Arrive to meet 90 minutes before start time
  • Help with set-up in the parking lot
  • Ensure no one brings food or beverages (other than water) on the courts
  • Monitor bathrooms and locker rooms, check garbages
  • Clean-up the tennis court after the meet
  • Be firm & friendly at the entrance of the tennis courts, kindly reminding swimmer and parents of the no food or non-water drinks rule


Officials: Overseen by Brian Dillon

  • Attend mandatory training provided by the NSC
  • Ensure that all swimmers are properly executing each start, stroke, & turn
  • Fill out disqualification cards when starts, strokes, or turns are not executed legally
  • Will be served water and snacks during meets
  • Best seat in the house!

Computers/Scoring: Overseen by Don Secor & Andy Richardson

  • Great for someone with computer knowledge
  • Works inside the clubhouse
  • Arrives 1 hour before meet start, stays after meet ends
  • Assists with meet results validation
  • Helps with other needs at the scoring table

Meet Runner: Reports to computer/scoring table

  • Work with the computer/scoring committee to run information from the meet to the computers
  • Gather time sheets from the timers
  • Gather DQ cards from officials
  • Deliver heat sheets to timers & bullpen at the start of the meet
  • Report to the computer & scoring table 1 hour prior to meet start
  • Lots of movement on the pool deck!


Bag Tags: Overseen by Julie Seeger

  • Watch each event
  • Pass out Heat Winner tags to the swimmer who comes in first for each heat
  • Bag tags will be given to you upon check-in at the worker table.
  • A fun job! The swimmers LOVE earning a bag tag!


Concessions: Overseen by Kris Nelson & Greg Budrow

  • Different time slots are available
  • Help set-up & clean-up the concessions area
  • Tape closed the clubhouse bathrooms (not used during meets)
  • Oversee/collect money for food & beverage
  • Ensure that the clubhouse and kitchen are left immaculate


Hospitality: Overseen by Concessions

  • Make jugs of lemonade and water
  • Fill snack cups with pretzels and candies
  • Circulate the pool deck serving drinks and snacks to timers, officials, and other workers unable to leave their station
  • Clean up supplies at the end of shift
  • Put away cooler jugs
  • Continuously check on water/cups for swimmers in bullpen
  • Fill water jug for the bullpen/set up cups